Sustainability Challenge 2022 VELUX x Roskilde Festival

In collaboration with Roskilde Festival, VELUX invited students to create proposals for how to make Roskilde Festival accommodation greener and more circular in the future - rethinking how people live at Roskilde Festival in Denmark.

In 2019, Roskilde Festival produced 2,000 tonnes of waste – of which 60-80% was from things left behind by guests. This includes tents, air mattresses and camping chairs. To help reduce this waste and offer more circular and sustainable solutions, VELUX teamed up with Roskilde Festival to host a sustainability challenge, inviting engineering, architecture and design students to rethink and change the way people stay at Roskilde Festival.

Designing future forms of festival accommodation
The sustainability challenge invited students to rethink how tents, pavilions or alternative forms of accommodation at Roskilde Festival will look in the future.  Students were encouraged to consider sustainable alternatives  by addressing questions such as “are these materials recyclable?” “which circular business model would best support the proposed solutions?” “What does a new sustainable, circular design mean for urban planning, and how can small social communities in the camps be maintained without gathering under plastic pavilions of dubious quality?”

10 groups were selected 

On May 21, students taking part in the VELUX x Roskilde Festival Sustainability Challenge met for a one-day workshop to create, develop and present proposals for greener and more circular festival accommodation. 10 of the participating teams were selected to continue working on their ideas and given the opportunity to build and test their solutions live at Roskilde Festival 2022. 

See the ideas presented by a representative from each team in the films below.

At Roskilde Festival 2022

The 10 student teams participating in the VELUX x Roskilde Festival challenge were able to build and test their solutions under real festival conditions. After two days of testing in the “harsh” festival environment, the teams presented their results to the judges.

Designing a sustainable solution that is not only able to survive the elements, but also a festival lifestyle, is a challenge. After two days of testing, the students’ results were varied, with some solutions passing the test, while others did not. 

The winning solution

Træhus (Tree house), a modular tent solution that combines sustainability, community and DIY was awarded 1st place at the 2022 VELUX x Roskilde Festival Sustainability Challenge. Inspired by the IKEA model, the Træhus solution allows festival-goers to follow four simple steps to construct the pre-placed unit, when arriving at the festival site. 

About Træhus

Durability: Træhus is made from repurposed pallets and upcycled wood waste. These materials are not only sustainable but also sturdy enough to withstand multi-year use. This durability and reusability are key factors in providing sustainable alternatives in an environment plagued with single-use solutions.

User-experience: The 4-step DIY design allows for a simple, customisable solution. The pallet base helps elevate the camper and protect them from the elements, while also providing a source of ventilation. The cutouts on the side add an additional option for ventilation. The bin furthermore doubles as a chair. The solution can be built where the camper sees fit, allowing camps and social gatherings to form anywhere.

Sustainability: Træhus is made from 100% recycled materials. Træhus’ sturdy materials help extend the total life of the solution over the course of many years – thereby increasing the overall long-term sustainability impact. When the materials have reached the end of their lifecycle, they can be repurposed and recycled into new Træhus parts. ​​​​​​​

A flat packed tent solution – the winner of 2022 further developed

Honourable mentions

​​​​​​​The bamboo pavilion and “Act” chair projects received a shared second place.

Spot:On Activation Award 

VELUX x Roskilde Sustainability Challenge 2022 wins the Spot:On Activation Award in the Arts & Culture category. 

Read the jury's motivation for awarding us the prize, and see the other winners here.


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Wrap-up videos

Sustainability Challenge 2022 - VELUX x Roskilde Festival short wrap-up video