Sustainability Challenge 2023 VELUX x Roskilde Festival

In collaboration with Roskilde Festival and IDA, the VELUX Group invited students to create proposals for how to make Roskilde Festival's lounge areas greener and more circular – in other words, rethinking how to chill at Denmark's Roskilde Festival.

Designing future forms of festival lounge areas

Sustainability Challenge 2023 - VELUX x Roskilde Festival invited students to rethink building materials and how to reuse, and/or extend the life of lounge furniture at Roskilde Festival. Students were encouraged to consider sustainable alternatives by addressing questions such as: Are these materials recyclable? Which circular business model would best support the proposed solutions? What does a new sustainable, circular design mean for urban and festival planning?

Competition description: Rethink the way we “chill” at Roskilde Festival

The challenge this year was to design lounge area elements, furniture and functional designs for guests at Roskilde Festival to use in between concerts and “chill” in a more sustainable way. It could be furniture for sitting or lying down, providing an opportunity for people to connect to one another, or perhaps creating private and a peaceful moments – a calm break from the crowds. It could also be a solution that provides cover from the sun, wind, rain, or maybe even sound. It could support intimacy, fun moments or just plain “hygge”. Students were invited to design one item or several different items, and the only demands were: that the solutions be sustainable, created from recyclable materials, and that they could be built and used at Roskilde Festival 2023.

Overview of the Sustainability Challenge process and timeline

Competition structure: Online meetings and pitch presentations

 The challenge began with two online meetings where students were given information about Roskilde Festival and sustainable building, and were provided with materials. 

The first physical meetings then took place in Copenhagen and Aarhus, where students presented their ideas, possibly accompanied by small furniture models. Based on these presentations, the Jury chose the groups they would like to see execute their ideas with life-sized furniture models. These student groups then proceeded to a second physical meeting, the Build-up Day. 

Copenhagen Pitch Day, March 26th 2023

Aarhus Pitch Day, April 2nd 2023

Competition structure: the Build-up Day and the Roskilde Festival finalists 

Around 30 groups initially signed up. But the task and especially the demand of building from recyclable materials was difficult. On the Build-up Day we were down to 18 groups showcasing their projects. These groups competed in the hope of being selected as one of the 10 finalist groups who will showcase their work at Roskilde Festival 2023. 

Hørsholm Build-Up Day, May 7th 2023


Østbirk Build-Up Day, May 14th 2023


Participating Groups

Check out the posters, and watch the videos below to hear more from the groups and see their ideas come to life through the models created at the Build-Up Days.

A^3 posterBingChilling posterKNAD poster
Love Couch posterRehammock posterLazy N' Green poster
Cultivating Design posterTents'R'Us poster The Trashineers poster
The Wobble poster  


Sustainability Challenge finale, June 28th 2023

The finale took place at the Roskilde Festival Bazar Area at 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday, June 28th, where the jury selected the winner, KNAD, a modular timber bench made from discarded wooden pallets. The  shape is inviting for social gatherings, it’s easy to assemble, expand and transport and it’s made from few yet readily available materials – reclaimed timber, rope and screws.

VELUX x Roskilde Sustainability Challenge 2023 Finale

All KNAD members Johs Christian Rungholm, mechanical engineer student, Frederik Bach Juulsen, business communication student, Hans Jacobsen, history student, Emil Thomsen, HA English student and Marius Kirkholt Sørensen, information science student, can now look forward to a long-term collaboration with the Circular Lab at Roskilde Festival, supported by VELUX.


Finale video
TV2 Kosmopol

Participant statements: Why did you decide to attend the Sustainability Challenge?

In my experience, the challenges are a great creativity test. I was hoping to get a great experience learning from other students who have a different degree than me.

To try a new challenge with my friends, hopefully win tickets for Roskilde Festival and take part in the green transition on Roskilde Festival.

I enjoy exploring what sustainability might mean and the context of a festival seemed like an interesting context to explore. VELUX being part of organizing the challenge also played a part of me attending the Sustainability Challenge.

Participant statements: What was the highlight of the Sustainability Challenge?

Seeing our project come to life and see people using it.

Having the opportunity to showcase our project at Roskilde Festival.

To see the other projects and talking with the other participants.

Learning about the other projects that people came up with and of course, the prize of getting the festival access.

It was great to see how involved everyone was in the projects and the great feedback we got from the VELUX representatives. 

It was nice for me to see how much VELUX care about sustainability and try to do an impact. I really like the challenge and it was great at Roskilde Festival. It was also nice to see how many people were involved (like jury) and how well it was organized.


The jury was composed of professionals from the design and architecture industries who evaluated the projects based on their functionality, design and potential.



Throughout the process, the Sustainbility Challenge groups were able to consult and gain valuable insights and advice from VELUX Group mentors. 


Visit to Campus Østbirk, August 2023

After completing the Sustainability Challenge, participants were invited to join a site visit to our facilities in Østbirk. It was a great opportunity for them to network with one another and VELUX employees, while learning about the production and development of VELUX projects. 



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A flat packed tent solution – the winner of 2022 further developed