EuroACE and the VELUX Group boosts awareness of efficient and healthy buildings

As part of the EU Sustainable Energy Week High-Level Policy Conference, EuroACE organises on Wednesday 25th June 2014 a joint event with its member company the VELUX Group, entitled "Quizzing the Stakeholders: Making Energy Efficient Buildings More Visible and Attractive". Emphasis is placed at this year's Quiz event, now a firm fixture in EUSEW, on the potential of Energy Performance Certificates to raise awareness about the multiple benefits and importance of increased energy efficiency in buildings.

According to the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD – to be reviewed before 2017), Energy Performance Certificates must be issued for all buildings that are rented, leased or sold, and must be displayed in public buildings of over 500m².

"Buildings are a huge drain on energy consumption in the EU, making EU Energy Dependence Day earlier and earlier every year" explains Adrian Joyce, Secretary General of EuroACE. "Citizens can see this energy consumption through the Energy Performance Certificates in their homes, in their offices, in their children's schools. We need to raise awareness about this wasteful energy consumption, as this is the first step for taking action to renovate our buildings and release the multiple benefits locked up in our building stock!"

The Energy Performance Certificate of one building is particularly in the spotlight during EuroACE/VELUX Group's Quiz event: the Commission's Charlemagne building. A giant-size poster this week on its façade presents its energy rating and the related actions to reduce the energy consumption of Commission buildings (see

In addition to improving energy security, reducing energy bills and creating local jobs, increasing the energy efficiency of the building stock in the EU also has the potential to release significant health benefits for EU citizens.

"Energy efficiency and healthy buildings shall go hand in hand" says Ingrid Reumert, Vice-President, Public Affairs & Sustainability, the VELUX Group, speaking at the EUSEW Quiz event. "We spend 90% of our time indoors and we know from research that a good indoor climate, daylight and fresh air are essential to our general wellbeing, health, learning abilities and productivity."

Reumert went on to report on recent findings that shows homeowners are motivated to undertake energy renovations by their wish to have greater comfort and healthier indoor climates. "Putting homeowners needs centre stage will trigger energy efficient and high quality renovations. There is a need to create incentives by making attractive legislative framework that integrate energy efficiency and a healthy indoor climate."

As the Commission and Member States brainstorm around effective ways to drastically reduce the energy dependence of the EU, buildings feature increasingly centre stage, as the building sector represents the largest energy consuming sector in the EU at 43%, with an energy savings potential of 61% and 38% in residential and tertiary buildings, respectively, by 2030.

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