World Championship Title for Denmark for the Fifth Time in a Row

The World Championship title in the boat class X-99 has gone to Denmark. The winners are the year's Danish Champions on board Team VELUX: Flemming Fjord, René Villefrance, Morten Østergaard, Henrik Andersen, Peter Kampmann and Morten Nylykke.

With this victory, Team VELUX has succeeded in bringing World Championship Gold to Denmark for the fifth time in a row.

Team VELUX has succeeded yet again in winning the World Championship Cup - and, what's more, for the fifth time running. That only adds to the joyful mood of the crew, who also hold the Danish Championship title.

René Villefrance from Team VELUX says, "We took every chance that came our way, and luck was with us when we needed it except in the last race, which we went out of because of too early a start. Team VELUX had the wind behind them in most of the races in the World Championship in Sandefjord and gained no fewer than four first places in the in all seven races held in the World Championship this year. 52 boats participated.

The World Championship was a challenge
It was not the easiest World Championship. The wind was too light, and the competition for the best places was tough among the eight nations that participated.

"We worked hard for our Gold Medal and succeeded even though the wind conditions were not entirely to our liking," says René Villefrance. "However, all in all, we are definitely satisfied with the result - and, as always, it was a pleasure to sail against skilled competitors."

The world's best yachtsmen
René Villefrance says, "Of course we like to win, and of course we are proud when we do, but it is really not so much about us as our results. That fits in well with the thinking at VELUX, which is our sponsor and is thus supporting our possibilities of doing battle for medals. Besides that, VELUX has many of the same values as we have in the team: fresh air, daylight and thoughtful use of resources. It is not only who we are, but also what we do."