Green Solution House inaugurated


Today, the VELUX Group will participate in the official opening of Green Solution House - one of the world’s most sustainable buildings. Green Solution House is a Danish hotel and conference centre that is inspired by the Active House principles. 

HRH Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark is guest of honour and will open the Green Solution House alongside Jørgen Tang-Jensen, CEO of the VELUX Group, Jesper Nygaard, CEO of Realdania, Thierry Lambert, Nordic Director of Saint Gobain and Azam Kahn, Director of Autodesk.

With the opening of Green Solution House, a hotel and conference centre on the Danish bright green island Bornholm, sustainable buildings have a new point of orientation.

Combining various sustainable building solutions, it explores circular sustainability that is rooted in three sustainability strategies, with constant respect for local conditions and efficient use of resources. The building is certified to the standards of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB). The building design is based on the criteria of the Active House vision and inspired by the Cradle-to-Cradle life cycle concept.

The objective of Green Solution House is to be a focal point for knowledge sharing and sustainable development – locally, nationally and internationally.

VELUX Group as strategic partner 

The VELUX Group is a strategic partner of Green Solution House. It brings to the project its vision for sustainable buildings, based on the competence and broad experience gained from its demonstration house programme Model Home 2020 and the creation of Active House principles.

Green Solution House shows that it is possible to build resource-efficient and nearly- zero-energy buildings with a high comfort level by combining life cycle concepts, standard materials and technologies that already are available today.

A great Active House showcase 

Green Solution House is an exemplary showcase of how Active House principles can be applied in new and renovated buildings and thereby boost their performance in terms of comfort, energy and environment. Daylight has been intelligently integrated from the planning stages of the renovation of the old building and design of the new building (the conference centre).

Green Solution House is a tangible example of how sustainable building can go hand in hand with a healthy indoor climate,
Jørgen Tang-Jensen, CEO of the VELUX Group says.

VELUX products  

The VELUX Group has contributed a total of 196 VELUX Modular Skylights with sun screening, 15 roof windows, 29 skylight domes and 4 sun tunnels installed around embedded all over the building.