VELUX Breathe Fresh Life Into the Home With io-homecontrol

The io-homecontrol group, bringing a new technology for a stress-free home, is launched today by some of the world's leading firms in home comfort technology.

The io-homecontrol group, bringing a new technology for a stress-free home, is launched today by some of the world's leading firms in home comfort technology including HONEYWELL, the world leader in homes and building controls, SOMFY, the international specialist in motors and controls for openings and closures of homes and commercial buildings and VELUX, the world leader in the market for roof windows.

io-homecontrol is a wireless communication protocol that can control a wide range of motorised and manual equipment in the home to provide greater comfort, well-being, security and energy efficiency.

The io-homecontrol group, whose first products will be available mid-2005, is open to all home equipment manufacturers.

With io-homecontrol, home equipment manufacturers will transcend their brands to provide a simple, global response to today's user needs.

io-homecontrol is compatible with all home equipment, motorised or otherwise (roller shutters, blinds, garage doors, roof windows, heating, lighting, alarms, locks, etc.), and enables not only their simultaneous operation but also a genuine interactive dialogue.

The io-homecontrol technology allows the homeowner to adjust the settings of the household fittings around their house directly from the io-homecontrol® remote control. The technology also allows the operator to see the extent to which a command has been executed and which fittings are in operation or on stand-by. As a result, io-homecontrol® gives the homeowner four major benefits:

Greater comfort
io-homecontrol appliances can be programmed to run tasks or repetitive tasks (operate blinds, control the heating system, close the shutters, open the gate etc.). They can also be programmed to perform a combination of settings simultaneously each day, such as closing the shutters and switching on the lights at dusk etc.

Enhanced well-being
With the io-homecontrol remote control, one touch is all it takes to control the air quality (temperature, humidity, etc.) through a personalised combination of settings. It can operate the windows, roller shutters, blinds, heating, air conditioning and ventilation, and can be set to air the rooms for 15 minutes each morning at 10 a.m. or react to a change in humidity, such as automatically adjusting the position of the blinds depending on the amount of sunshine.

Extra security
One 'click' and io-homecontrol insures that all points of access are closed at the same time and the alarm set. In addition, the technology can be programmed with a safety sequence for fittings, which turns internal lights on and off to give the impression that the house is occupied whilst the homeowner is away. It is also possible to identify a breakdown or malfunction in the house thanks to the io-homecontrol 'feedback' facility, which immediately alerts the homeowner to the source of the problem.

More efficient energy savings
By pre-setting home fittings to personalised patterns, homeowners will only use the equipment they really need, cutting down on energy waste. This not only benefits the environment but instantly reduces heating or lighting expenses.

"The market for cutting-edge products for the home is growing rapidly. In 2004, over 5 million electric appliances controlled through radio frequencies were sold to European homeowners. Through our joint ambition to offer homeowners a cost and time saving product, we have also opened up new possibilities for manufacturers who can now participate in the future of home control," comments Jean-Luc Guillaume, io-homecontrol® Managing Director.

"Several leading manufacturers have already shown interest in our group and incorporated the new technology into their products. Our technology, which is the fruit of two years of joint development by teams from HONEYWELL, SOMFY and VELUX enables them to deploy new interactive product offerings that are both easy to install and easy to use."

The io-homecontrol products are suited to all types of buildings, from new constructions to renovations, from single products (for example, a roof window) to a complete system.

Their installation does not require any new skills on the part of the professionals in the business. io-homecontrol solutions are marketed by the usual manufacturers' sales channels.

"With io-homecontrol, controlling the home really means what it says," adds Jean-Luc Guillaume. "The reliability and simplicity of the technology and the development of new io-homecontrol products by leading suppliers is an exciting prospect for both consumers and industry professionals."

io-homecontrol is a registered trademark in over 40 countries. Following the launch of the io-homecontrol labelled products this summer, the first multi-brand solutions that integrate io-homecontrol technology will be available in 2006.

About io-homecontrol
The io-homecontrol group has been launched by some of the world's leading firms in home comfort technology including HONEYWELL, the global leader for solutions of residential and commercial building controls; SOMFY, the international specialist in automatic control of openings and closures in homes and buildings and VELUX, the world leader in roof windows. io-homecontrol is a wireless communication protocol enabling interaction among products from different manufacturers. It brings new solutions for improved home comfort, energy savings, security and indoor climate control. It allows new benefits for professionals and end-users with no additional infrastructure or installation costs. io-homecontrol is a registered trade mark in over 40 countries. The first products integrating io-homecontrol technology will be launched mid-2005, and the first multi-brand io-homecontrol solutions will be available in 2006.