Title sponsor salutes skippers at start of VELUX 5 OCEANS race


VELUX 5 OCEANS is on. The five skippers of the race have embarked on their nine months circumnavigation and been sent off from La Rochelle, France.

"It takes will power, persistence and great ingenuity to succeed in this race – and all our five skippers embody these qualities," says Michael Rasmussen, ChiefMarketing Officer, the VELUX Group.

VELUX 5 OCEANS is on. The five skippers of the race have embarked on their nine months circumnavigation and been sent off from La Rochelle, France. Now on the first sprint to Cape Town, South Africa, the skippers face their ultimate solo challenge.

"Success in this race means you have to think ahead, push back the boundaries, test your capabilities and keep your options open. Preferably before you hit the Southern Ocean, suf-fer from sleep deprivation and endure solitude for weeks on end. To perform at your best throughout, you must have the inspiration and appetite to get more out of life," continues Michael Rasmussen.

"The skippers face more than 30,000 nautical miles. VELUX windows do more than 30 years - in all kinds of weather and under extreme conditions. This is where skippers and VELUX people meet each other."

"Everyone in the VELUX Group knows what the skippers are facing now. They have to take on and endure the relentless elements of nature. Burning sun. Pounding rain. Heavy snow and wild storms. We put our products though much the same every day of their more than 30 years of service lifetime. Quality and durability is a given. The skippers have to trim and prepare their boats for the race. We do the same with our products," concludes Michael Rasmussen, Chief Marketing Officer of the VELUX Group.

The VELUX Group is second time sponsor of VELUX 5 OCEANS and is a prime contributor to the race's overall theme of sustainability. Under the umbrella of Taking on the Elements, all partners of the race are seeking to promote sustainable awareness. The VELUX Group is closely involved in developing sustainable buildings as a contribution to the fight against climate change. These buildings are characterised by having maximum energy efficiency, minimum CO2 emission and visionary architecture, combined with improved health, better human well-being and greater indoor comfort. Furthermore, they are based on using sustainable energy sources, especially solar thermal energy.

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