Title Sponsor Salutes Skippers at Race Start of VELUX 5 OCEANS

VELUX 5 OCEANS is on. The five skippers of the race have embarked on their nine months circumnavigation as they have been sendt off from La Rochelle, France. Set out on the first sprint to Cape Town, South Africa, the skippers face their ultimate solo challenge. VELUX Group is second time sponsor. CMO Michael Rasmussen salutes the skippers: 'It takes will power, persistence and great ingenuity to succeed in this race – and all our five skippers embody these qualities.' He adds: ' To be successful in this race you have to think ahead, push the boundaries, test your capabilities and hedge your options. Preferably before you hit the Southern Ocean, suffer from sleep deprevation and solitude for weeks on end.To perform throughout you need the inspiration and the appetite to get more out of life.' Video material includes an edited package, soundbites and b-roll.