The VELUX Group teams up with international design guru


World famous designer, Karim Rashid, has created a new collection of eye-catching blackout blinds for the VELUX Group.

The partnership is a new design approach by the VELUX Group to work together with internationally acknowledged designers.

Karim Rashid is a leading figure in the field of modern design and considered by some to be a cultural provocateur. His perspective and clients are global and his projects range from products, interior design and fashion to furniture, lighting design and art. His designs are 'democratic' in the sense that they are accessible and affordable by everyone.

As a designer, Karim Rashid is always looking for ways to maximise light in his interior designs.

"Daylight is essential for our well-being and ability to think positively - and VELUX makes exceptional quality roof windows, flooding spaces with daylight. However, to create an intimate and recreational space, light control is an absolute must – for sleeping, working or privacy. So when VELUX asked me to design a blackout collection, I was excited to get to work with light versus darkness. Blackout blinds are the key to maintaining a satisfying sleep cycle and ideal for bedrooms and other spaces where complete light control is a must," says Karim Rashid.

A small piece of art
The VELUX blinds collection by Karim Rashid includes four unique patterns, each in two different colours. Depending on individual preferences, customers can choose from vibrant pink and acid yellow or more subtle designs of black and white. Inspiration from digital technology on the one hand and floral motifs on the other, adds a modern yet poetic look to the collection. The new patterns complement contemporary homes and have a sense of bringing an abstracted 'digital nature' into the home. Moreover four of the designs have beautiful and decorative metallic details creating a vivid texture."I want people to see a blind not as a genuine standard product but as a small piece of decorated art that adds beauty and even determines the style of the interior decoration," explains Karim Rashid.

Total darkness for day and night
The VELUX Blinds Collection by Karim Rashid lets you take full control of light and provides the best total blackout for both day and night. Perfect for afternoon naps and those lighter summer nights, blackout blinds are ideal for installing in bedrooms - the tight-fitting blinds prevent any light from entering the room. The new design collection fits any VELUX roof window perfectly without any adjustment and installs in minutes with the unique VELUX Pick&Clicktm system.

Great design for everyday living
Teaming up with one of the design world's most prolific designers demonstrates a new design approach in the VELUX Group.

"Choosing to work with Karim Rashid came from the recognition that if you want to be innovative, you have to experiment and demonstrate courage in the design process. So working together with internationally acknowledged designers like the 'King of Colors' represents a new experience at the VELUX Group. Usually our products serve the purpose of being discrete, but the new designs by Karim Rashid attract attention and add another feature besides quality and value for money to our products. We have already worked with one of the most respected proponents of Green Design, Ross Lovegrove, who designed the VELUX Suntunnel by Lovegrove that was launched earlier this year," says Kent Holm, Global Director of Accessories at the VELUX Group.

Product information
The VELUX blinds collection by Karim Rashid is sold by selected retailers or can be ordered directly at shop/default.aspx

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