The VELUX Group Sponsors COP 15 Pavilion


The VELUX Group and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs have signed a United Nations Climate Change Conference sponsorship agreement in Copenhagen. According to the agreement the VELUX Group will establish and operate the official conference exit.

The VELUX House will present the delegates with an example of sustainable living showcasing the commitment of the VELUX Group to reduce CO2 and use renewable energy while securing a good indoor climate with daylight and fresh air.

When more than 15,000 conference participants meet at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in December (COP15), most of them will pass through the VELUX House every day when leaving the conference. While walking through the pavilion they will get a first-hand experience of how sustainable architecture and design can play an important role in the worldwide efforts to overcome climate change when it comes to addressing that buildings currently represent approximately 40 % of global energy consumption. The VELUX House will connect the climate conference halls with the Metro station outside the UN Conference area.

"The VELUX Group is very active on the climate agenda with our ambitious climate strategy to half our CO2 emissions by 2020 and our strong commitment to sustainable living," says Michael K. Rasmussen, VELUX Group Director of Branding & Communication. "COP 15 is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate in a truly global and relevant context how Denmark and the VELUX Group responds to the challenges of environmental and climatic changes."

The VELUX Group strongly supports that an ambitious climate agreement with broad-reaching support is reached at COP15. Companies must be given a framework within which they can plan long term, operate and develop technologies that can contribute to reaching the objectives that will be set at the conference.

Designed to overcome the climate challenges
The VELUX house presents a holistic and experimental approach to future housing and sustainable living. The house is constructed in order to achieve the best possible balance between energy efficiency, indoor climate and the environment – for the benefit of the climate, the economy and the health of human beings.

The VELUX House is based on prefabricated modules and therefore offers affordable roof top housing. The concept introduces sustainable living to existing apartment blocks and it showcases how the daylight and energy of the sun can be optimally utilized in new buildings as well as when renovating old buildings.

The VELUX House will be open for all accredited conference participants and media from 7 – 18 December. Conference delegates and the press will also get the opportunity to visit other examples of sustainable living in the Copenhagen Area that the VELUX Group is involved in, including Copenhagen University's new climate friendly building 'Green Lighthouse' and the Municipality of Copenhagen's Valhalsgade Culture Centre energy renovation project.

In connection with COP15, the VELUX Group is also sponsoring 'Responding to Climate Change' (RTCC), an official United Nations NGO, as well the International Union of Architects (UIA) activities in Copenhagen. VELUX Group will also be represented at the Bright Green exhibition organized by the Confederation of Danish Industry.