The VELUX Group shares its knowledge and experience with green-energy building at Danish export promotion in Germany


The VELUX Group is today taking part in a conference and export promotion at the Danish embassy in Germany in order to promote its green building solutions. The Group has joined forces with a number of other Danish companies and organisations that have put the focus on sustainable and green living.

The objective is to exchange knowledge between countries on sustainable building, and will include a presentation of German developments and support schemes for sustainable buildings, as well as on activities with healthy buildings. Danish experience with the development of ways of meeting the requirement for future Nearly Zero Energy buildings will be presented by a team that includes members from Aalborg University and the Danish Energy Agency.

Sharing knowledge and experience with sustainability

The VELUX Group will be represented by VELUX Germany's General Manager Dr Sebastian Dresse, who will share the VELUX Group's lengthy experience and knowledge in the fields of sustainable and green living.

Buildings that optimise health and well-being

With its 21 demonstration buildings to date, the VELUX Group has made a continuous contribution and shared its own experience and knowledge of healthier, greener and more sustainable living environments. The Group has repeatedly proved that the buildings of tomorrow can actually be built today − buildings that optimise human health and well-being through improved indoor climate and yet minimise environmental impact and energy demand.

Setting the green agenda

The VELUX Group's demonstration buildings are based on the Active House principles, an attractive solution that responds to the Nearly Zero Energy Building requirement that the Group has helped define with its input and knowledge of sustainable living in buildings.