The VELUX Group launches a new generation of roof windows

The new generation of VELUX roof windows sets new standards for energy efficiency and comfort in roof windows.


​The VELUX Group - the global leader in roof windows and skylights - is launching a new generation of roof windows that take energy efficiency, daylight, and comfort to new and higher levels.

"We have been working intensively during the past years to develop the new generation of VELUX roof windows. It sets new standards to the benefit of millions of people who enjoy daylight and fresh air though the roof from VELUX windows. The new generation combines outstanding insulation properties with significantly improved benefits from passive solar gain and thereby reaches excellent energy efficiency levels," says Group CEO Jørgen Tang-Jensen of VELUX A/S. He adds, "In this way, VELUX roof windows will be a net contributor to low-energy housing, which is so important to reducing global energy consumption, of which buildings account for about 40 percent".

Improved energy efficiency and better indoor climate
Throughout the development process, the quest was to find the right construction principles to ensure optimised energy efficiency while enhancing the high quality and proven construction principles that have always been a hallmark of VELUX roof windows. With the introduction of VELUX Thermo Technology, the new VELUX generation has improved insulation properties with a u-value down to 1,2 for standard roof windows. Combined with a larger pane area, which not only admits up to 18 percent more daylight but also more passive solar heat gain into our homes, the new roof windows raise optimised energy balance and energy efficiency to new and excellent levels.

"The pane area has been increased for two reasons. First, we wanted to improve the energy efficiency of the new roof window, which is not only better insulated but also benefits from more passive solar gain in cold periods – the net result being outstanding energy balance and energy performance. Second, more daylight reduces the need for electrical light, which both saves energy and improves the well-being of people who live and work in buildings," explains Jørgen Tang-Jensen.

In addition to improving its products' passive solar gains in the heating season, VELUX will continue to offer a range of unique pane variants and decoration and sun protection systems to limit overheating in warmer periods and climate zones.

Fresh air is equally important for a good indoor climate and with the new generation of VELUX roof windows, ventilation is still possible even when the window is closed thanks to the unique ventilation flap, which has long been a well-known VELUX hallmark. This ensures a unique supply and control of fresh air, which means a better indoor climate.

Several new and improved features and benefits
In addition to setting new standards in energy efficiency, VELUX has developed a range of new and improved features in the new generation – to the benefit of millions of people living in buildings as well as the many dealers, installers and architects who work with VELUX products every day.

"We are pleased to announce that the new generation of VELUX roof windows also offers a range of new and improved benefits in design, comfort, and installation principles that will be welcomed by our many customers, installers, dealers and architects around the world," says Group Chief Commercial Officer Jacob Schambye of VELUX A/S.

The new VELUX roof windows can be installed faster and at two different levels in the roof – standard or flush – thanks to the new multi-level installation bracket. With a flush installation, the window lies 40 mm deeper in the roof, which gives a more aesthetic appearance and contributes further to energy savings.

The new VELUX INTEGRA® control pad has been completely re-designed and provides an advanced, yet simple and user-friendly, indoor climate control for electrical VELUX roof windows and accessories.The design of the new generation of VELUX roof windows has also been improved, both internally and externally with slimmer sashes and frames, which makes for a more elegant window.

New generation – renowned quality and solutions for all needs
All products from the VELUX Group have been subjected to exhaustive testing to ensure that they meet the high and stringent VELUX requirements for quality and performance. The test programme covers such factors as energy performance, ventilation, noise reduction, safety, durability and operation.

With the new generation, VELUX will continue its long tradition of providing roof windows in many different types, sizes, variants and installation products to ensure that VELUX roof windows remain the preferred choice for daylight and fresh air through the roof in different buildings, roof types, and climate zones.

Launch period
The VELUX Group will unveil the new generation on 31 January at the Dach & Holz exhibition in Germany, where it will be offered in a limited edition in 2012. The new generation of VELUX roof windows will be launched in Scandinavia in the spring of 2012, with other markets following from 2013 and onwards. For more details about the launch of the new generation of VELUX roof window, please contact your national VELUX sales company.

The new generation of VELUX roof windows provides several new and improved benefits:
• Improved insulation performance with VELUX Thermo Technology and with a u-value down to 1,2 for standard roof windows
• Up to 18 percent more daylight
• Better energy balance
• New standard in operation and control with the INTEGRA® control pad with several programs
• World-class interior and exterior design with slimmer sashes and frames
• Improved packaging
• Easier and faster installation and handling

Energy Balance
Energy balance is a specific value consisting of a number of variables for each roof window and pane variant. Energy balance is a method of evaluating the energy efficiency of a window. It is the balance between the solar energy that enters through the window and the heat loss that escapes through the window. If the level of solar gain is higher than the heat loss, the energy balance of the window is positive.

Summer season
During the cooling season, energy balance should be as close to zero as possible, reducing the risk of overheating and avoiding the use of fossil energy for cooling. Roof windows with higher sun screening will continue to prevent overheating in the summer; additional heat protection can be provided by decoration and sun protection products and roller shutters.

Winter season
In the heating season, the energy balance should be greater than zero and as high as possible to reduce energy loss and optimise gains from passive solar energy. The new generation of VELUX roof windows provides both improved insulation performance with the integration of a newly-developed high-insulation material - VELUX Thermo Technology – and improves passive solar gain through a larger pane area that admits up to 18 per cent more daylight