The VELUX Group issues product warning

Today, the VELUX Group has issued a product warning to inform customers in 19 European countries about a minor risk of glass breakage in a specific type of small panes produced and sold between 1997 and 2003.
The panes in question are 8 to 14 years old and in the smallest width up to 39 cm. Under certain conditions, especially in winter, there is a minor risk that the inner glass may break, with the possibility of glass fragments falling.
" Even though the risk is marginal, we take the quality of our products seriously and we have therefore decided to issue a product warning to inform our customers," says VELUX Group CMO Michael Rasmussen.
The VELUX Group has established local websites to help customers determine whether they have one of the panes in question. Customers are – ex gratia - offered a new pane and a voucher to help cover installation costs.
"We recommend that our customers check whether they have one of the panes in question, and if so, visit the website for further information. We understand that people may be con-cerned, but we want to emphasise that the risk is marginal. We apologise for any inconven-ience and will do our utmost to support our customers in the best possible way," says Mi-chael Rasmussen.
Spontaneous glass breakage due to implosion may occur if a number of factors arise at the same time, e.g. rapid changes in temperature, moisture, air pressure in the pane, size and design of the insulating pane and the general condition of the window. During the last two very hard winters we saw an increase in spontaneous glass breakage. A thorough review of the incidents documents that they only involve small panes of a specific type produced be-tween 1997 and 2003.
The product warning has been issued in the following European countries: Belgium, Luxem-bourg, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Hun-gary, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Poland, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, Slovakia and Slovenia.
For further information and instructions customers are asked to visit their local VELUX web-site.
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