The VELUX Group is well on the way to becoming a world-class safe workplace

The curve of industrial accidents in the VELUX Group is plummeting. Figures for 2010 show that the number of accidents at work among wage-earning staff fell by 20% on the previous year. Now an even more ambitious target has been set

The Group employs 5,500 wage-earning staff at 27 factories around the world and has set the goal of reducing industrial accidents to 1.5 per million working hours by 2014.

The average 2010 figure for the Group's factories was 4.5 accidents per million working hours, an improvement on the 2009 average of 5.6.

"The national average for Danish industry is about 20-25 accidents per million working hours so, by comparison, we are doing really well. Safety at work has been a high priority for many years and we have decided not just to be better than most other companies but to strive to be among the very best," says VELUX Group Director David P. Meyer.

To cut the number of accidents even further, the VELUX Group has launched a two-year project with the American company DuPont, which has specialised in advising other compa-nies on safety. One area of attention is observing safety procedures and precautions. This includes both physical safety (ensuring that equipment and machinery is properly main-tained and adequately safeguarded) and behaviour and conduct at the workplace.

"Being safety conscious is the most important way of preventing accidents – and behaving safely in a potentially dangerous environment can be done. On the other hand, irresponsible behaviour in such an environment can be very dangerous. We believe that all accidents can be prevented."

"Achieving a safe workplace, where safety procedures are a spinal reflex, is a long hard slog. It requires a complete change of thinking and work culture; it needs a continual focus on safety – by management as well as staff – and a watchful eye on ensuring that the exist-ing set of rules and regulations is respected at all times and in every conceivable work situation every single day; and it takes determination. But there are no short cuts," says David P. Meyer.

One third of VELUX factories had no accidents at all in 2010, which is a good indicator that our new ambitious target for 2014 is not unrealistic. On the contrary – it shows that acci-dents can be completely prevented.

About the VELUX Group
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