The VELUX Group celebrates 75th anniversary by sharing a Little Sun


To mark VELUX 75th anniversary of bringing daylight and fresh air into people's homes, the VELUX Group is enhancing its social focus on the world's off-grid areas. In order to bring sustainable, reliable and affordable light to areas without electricity, the first project is set to be a special edition solar lamp developed in collaboration with the social business, Little Sun.

Today, 1.2 billion people worldwide do not have access to electricity. To address this issue, the VELUX Group has partnered with Little Sun, a social business founded by world-renowned artist Olafur Eliasson and engineer Frederik Ottesen, to address the need for light in a sustainable way that benefits communities without electricity. Together, the two companies will develop an affordable special edition solar lamp in honor of VKR's 75th anniversary.

Light is a vital resource, and the 1.2 billion people without access to electricity face signifi-cant challenges. Lack of access to light affects entire communities. Essential parts of life that some take for granted, like safe medical care, working, studying, and cooking, become next to impossible. Little Sun produces creative and innovative light solutions to address this issue, and we are happy to be working with the VELUX Group to further our core mission." says Felix Hallwachs, Managing Director, Little Sun.

"Since the very beginning, we have strived to enhance sources of natural light in the homes of millions of people in the Western world. Our partnership with Little Sun is a perfect way of sharing daylight and fresh air with off-grid communities, as Little Sun distributes their solar-powered lamps in off-grid areas through local sales agents who then sell them at affordable prices.
Michael K. Rasmussen, Marketing Director of the VELUX Group