The two principle sponsors of VELUX 5 OCEANS are racing for sustainability

VELUX Group and Maersk Line in New Zealand are both keenly supporting the sustainability agenda of the race. Taking care of the climate and environment is a growing issue in the country.

The 2010-11 edition of VELUX 5 OCEANS has a firm commitment to be environmentally friendly with the introducing of the ECO 60 boat class. All skippers are racing these boats which are built before 2003 and have a minimum use of fossil fuels. While the race itself draws attention to climate change, looking after the environment and the oceans around us are also of optimum importance for the main sponsors of the race: title sponsor VELUX Group and transportation partner Maersk Line.

"The race itself has a very high profile and we are happy to be associated with it. Above all they share the same objective as we do – that is to promote sustainability," says managing director Julian Bevis, Maersk Line New Zealand.

The concept of sustainability is an important part of the VELUX 5 OCEANS philosophy and a message that has clear residence in New Zealand.

With the VELUX Group and Maersk Line promoting a shared ideology with regard to revers-ing climate change the race is a perfect show case to put that ideology into action.

"It's very important for VELUX to be part of the race, because the ECO boats relates very much to our products. What the skippers have to go through is amazing – the weather, the wind, rain, noise and the waves. It's a great connection to our products. Our skylights on the roof in New Zealand and around the world have to cope with similar conditions," says Horst Brenner.

Through their association with the VELUX 5 OCEANS both the VELUX Group and Maersk Line are helping to inform and inspire the wider public to think and act in a more sustainable manner.

Julian Bevis emphasizes that if you want to make change, first you need people to be aware of the issue. But it takes time, and it is a journey - around to world.

The four skippers in the race were sent off from Wellington on Sunday 6 February. Next port is Punta del Este, Uruguay, which they are expected to reach at the end of the months.

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