Window Collection wins Lighting Award


The Danish Lighting Award 2015 goes to the VILLUM Window Collection. A window consists of a frame and a pane of glass. But how do you give a tangible experience of the daylight a window channels into a room? Artificial light is also used in the exhibition to tell the story of the window as a light source and to create a wonderful interaction between visitor and the exhibit.

On 21 January 2016, an unanimous jury selected the VILLUM Window Collection as a very deserving winner of the Danish Lighting Prize 2015. The VILLUM Window Collection houses 300 historic windows from the 17th century to the present day.

Light is an indispensable and closely integrated part of the exhibition. The many and varied lighting tasks are undertaken with great precision and playfulness. The lighting uses light itself to tell the visitor the story of the window. The lighting set-ups are specially designed for each part of the story that is dramatised and narrated,
says jury chairperson Anne Bay of the Danish Lighting Center.

The exhibition was created by VKR Holding together with the design company Rosan Bosch Studio and lighting designer Kim Borch.

The new, permanent collection of windows is brought to life in the exhibition as a journey through history, in which epochs, window types and exhibition techniques are linked together to give a humanist view of the window via its importance to architecture, town planning and human quality of life.

The exhibition is built up around the Time Tunnel, a linear journey through various spaces and ages. It gives the visitor a tangible and sensory experience of the importance of the window as a source to mankind of light, air and view. In many places, artificial light gives an exquisite illusion of daylight and sunlight by drawing fields of light in floor, walls and window frames. Light has been meticulously worked and every finesse in the lighting toolbox has been put to effective use for the lighting to give the desired effect. Great originality went into the creation of the illusion of the Versailles daylit mirror hall and the light captured so well by the renowned Danish painter Vilhelm Hammershøi. The kaleidoscope of effects created with artificial light appear perfectly natural in the context of the exhibition.


The VILLUM Window Collection is not just a collection of windows but an exhibition of light as an element in the creation of mood and space. There is a wealth of learning to be had from the exhibition by people with an interest in light – how it affects spaces, colours and materials. The lighting techniques used to tackle this task have been executed with great knowledge thoroughness and insight. The excellent creative and inter-disciplinary collaboration between owner, architect and lighting designer is immediately apparent; it is difficult to separate the exhibits from the lighting,
says Anne Bay

Award presentation
The Award will be presented at a festive gathering at Bygningskulturens Hus,Borgergade 111, 1300 Copenhagen on Thursday 21 January 2016.

The Danish Lighting Award goes to the team behind the project and will be received by project manager and exhibition manager Dorthe Bech-Nielsen from VKR Holding, architect and project manager Jeppe Kleinheinz from Rosan Bosch Studio and lighting designer Kim Borch.

Four projects were nominated for the Danish Lighting Award 2015. The other projects were; the Interference Interactive Tunnel in Kolding, Langebro in Copenhagen and Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek also in Copenhagen.

About the VELUX Group

About the VELUX Group

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