Start of first Active House construction in Russia


The construction of the first "active" house in Russia has started on the territory of "Zapadnaya Dolina" 20 kilometers outside Moscow by Kievskoye highway. 

The project is organized by one of the leading developing companies in Moscow region "Zagorodny Proekt" company and world leading roof window manufacturer VELUX company. "Aktivny Dom" project is designed to set a new standard for residential house construction in Russia which is based on the balance between energy savings, healthy indoor climate and care for environment.

The pile foundation was laid as the basis for "Aktivny Dom", which ideally corresponds to the geological features of the location. The framework produced by "NLK Domostroenie" company is being actively assembled at the moment. The framework made from softwood is assembled directly on the location as the project has individual design. But using the project as the base for typical construction in the future will further decrease the time for assembling as the panels can be prefabricated at the factory.

Wooden framework construction was chosen not only because it is an ecological solution but also because it helps to ensure energy savings as multiple layers of wall construction minimizes cold bridges. The insulation of the house will start in the near future. For the insulation the products of "Saint-Gobain Construction Products RUS" have been chosen as they established a reputation not only in energy saving houses but also in real life.

The project "Aktivny Dom" is designed to become the first project to be certified by developed Russian green ratings standard. The design of the project is developed by the architects of experimental laboratory "Polygon". The project is supported by the Russian Union of Architects, Green construction council, Passive House Institute, EcoStandard group, Wood Housing Association, Construction Physics Scientific and Research Institute, Russian State Construction University in Saint-Petersburg.

The general manager of VELUX Russia Mick Schou Rasmussen said: "We are happy to see that the project that has recently been only on the paper started to turn into the real house so quickly. International VELUX experience shows that realizing such integrated projects with different partners involved is a very complicated and unpredictable process. That is why we very much appreciate the partners of "Aktivny Dom" for their professional attitude that helps the project to develop so fast".

Andrey Vasiliev, the general manager of "Zagorodny Proekt" company: ""Aktivny Dom" project will help to set a new trend in individual house construction in Russia based on sustainable development principles, comfort of living and economic reasonability. One of the tasks of the project is to test the combination of architectural and technological solutions for low-storey construction specifically in Russia, to build the house from the products available on the market today at the reasonable price with the possibility to be multiplied in future".