Significant Reduction of Workplace Accidents

In one year the VELUX Group was able to cut the number of industrial accidents among wage-earning staff by 37% due to an extensive safety programme. In 2011, there was an average of 2.8 industrial accidents per million working hours at the Group's 22 factories. To put these statistics into perspective, the average for Danish industry as a whole is about 20-25 industrial accidents per million working hours. The figures come from the Group's recently published Corporate Responsibility report. The VELUX Safety Excellence programme is being carried out in cooperation with the international company DuPont Sustainable Solutions, which has specialised in advising other companies on safety. Edited package contain interviews with David P. Meyer, Senior Account Manager, David Mallard, DuPont Sustainable Solutions, and Sinead Walsh, Department Manager for Lead Projects, VELUX A/S, Østbirk.