New Roof Window for Historical Buildings Developed


The VELUX Group has successfully developed an entirely new roof window designed for historical buildings. The new concept meets stricter aesthetic requirements for historical buildings and has excellent technical values. Consequently, the VELUX Group has a unique product platform – the first of its kind.

The Heritage Agency of Denmark has just approved the major renovation of a historical listed residential building in Nykøbing Falster, in the southern part of Denmark. The project includes eight new roof windows developed by leading designers and engineers from the VELUX Group in close collaboration with the acknowledged architect Merete Lind Mikkelsen.

After a three months test period, the installation of the roof windows in the attic of the residential building has been met with great satisfaction. The renovation of the historical building, including the VELUX roof windows, passed the test and gained the recognition by the local authorities concerned.

"This is the first roof window of its kind, and the first installation of this newly-developed roof window in a historical listed building," says the architect behind the new roof window, Merete Lind Mikkelsen, recently awarded for her work with historical buildings by the Henning Larsen Foundation.