New International Guidelines for Sustainable and Healthy Buildings

Buildings that give more than they take. This is the vision of future modern homes and buildings for which a new set of international guidelines has just been launched. The Active House Specifications for future sustainable buildings is endorsed by Connie Hedegaard, the European Commissioner for Climate Action, who spoke at the General Assembly and Symposium of the Active House Alliance recently in Brussels. "The Active House vision to give more than it takes is a great initiative. I hope this can be the new future norm for buildings", said Connie Hedegaard. To reach the 2020 climate goals there is a need to take action now. Active House is a network for knowledge sharing and demonstration of the feasibility of comfortable buildings in the future. The vision is to encourage buildings that create healthier and more comfortable lives for their occupants without impacting negatively on the climate – moving us towards a cleaner, healthier and safer world. Available video includes an edited interview with Connie Hedegaard.