Blinds capture light from dawn to dusk

The VELUX Group introduces high-profile design collaboration and a new, dynamic blinds category


Nowadays, dressing is as much about making a personal statement as it is about functionality. The same applies to the way we dress and decorate the modern home. Thanks to the world’s many innovative designers, everyday objects turn into attractive design statements − and the time has now come to revolutionise the blinds category.

Working with internationally acclaimed design duo Scholten & Baijings, the VELUX Group combines six stunning and unique textile designs with the Colour Collection by Scholten & Baijings with the introduction of the new category − Roman Blinds for roof windows.

In 2011, world-famous designer Karim Rashid created a collection of colourful blinds for the VELUX Group. The partnership marked a new approach by the Group, adding design factor to the blinds category. In 2015, yet another significant collaboration will see the light of day.

The Colour Collection by Scholten & Baijings is rooted in the launch of the Roman Blinds collection. It is a design that takes blinds to a new, decorative level while playing with light, shapes and colours. As such, it is the perfect creative match for Amsterdam- based designers Stefan Scholten and Carole Baijings.

As a design duo, Scholten & Baijings celebrate their fifteen-years anniversary in 2015, working for companies such as Pastoe, Thomas Eyck, HAY and Georg Jensen, and have gained international recognition for their graphic designs combining light effects, distinctive fluorescent colours and richly crafted details. This is a design DNA that is at the core of their VELUX Colour Collection, making each blind a functional piece of art and an exquisite, yet easy way to decorate with the style of tomorrow.

The new Colour Collection is based on inspiration from the amazing shades and colours of the sky. Just as the colours and light of the sky change, so do the blinds. Every blind is this a unique piece of design − and you will not find any two blinds that are alike.
elaborate Scholten & Baijings

Decorative and dynamic design
In fact, introducing the VELUX Colour Collection by Scholten & Baijings means introducing not only a design collaboration but also an entirely new VELUX blinds category − Roman Blinds. Unlike other blinds for roof windows, Roman Blinds offer rich, soft textiles with the possibility and flexibility of positioning them in any way you please – at the top, bottom or middle of the window. The choice is yours − and the effect is amazing. Roman Blinds not only allow you to dim the light, but also let you tailor the blind to the rest of the interior – whether you have gone for sculptural, minimalistic or graphic.

Inspired by nature and individually cut
When the VELUX Group approached Scholten & Baijings with the idea of designing a colour collection for the new Roman Blinds range, they took instantly to the idea of integrating light into the design. Obviously, we use blinds to dim or block out light, but light is also vital to us and has great aesthetic and metamorphic qualities. Light is never the same throughout the day. So Scholten & Baijings took inspiration from the changing light we meet in the morning, at midday and at night and created six individual patterns for their Colour Collection. Three colour styles with light-blocking fabric and three with light-regulating translucent fabric, each of them taking on the natural colours from the blues of morning to greys and evening red.

Each pattern is gradient in true Scholten & Baijings style, with a signature hint of neon, and all fabrics are individually cut. This means that no two blinds are alike, and that the patterns reveal themselves differently depending on how they are sculpted. As an extra decorative detail to the translucent fabrics, the patterns project onto the wall once hit by the sunlight, turning the design into a piece of nature’s own art.

For those finding it difficult to choose from the Colour Collection, the Roman Blinds’ design offers a brilliant solution. The blinds are born with an easy-to-change fabric system that allows you to switch from one design to another with a single click. This makes the designs in the Colour Collection highly dynamic and ever-changing, just like the light from dawn to dusk.

Innovation-driven market leader
Offering a new and unique designer blind to the market in collaboration with one of today’s most successful design studios is in line with the overall ambition of the VELUX Group.

As market leader, it is important to the VELUX Group to be innovative and at the forefront of quality and design. However, innovation and product development must happen for a reason and, with the Colour Collection by Scholten & Baijings, we are proud to offer two novelties in one. This is the first time the VELUX Group has introduced soft fabrics in our blinds, making it possible to change the look of the window repeatedly. Furthermore, teaming up with Scholten & Baijings supports the design edge we want to add to our products, since all fabrics in the collection are cut individually – making every blind a unique piece of art
explains Kent Holm, Global Product Director at the VELUX Group

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Scholten & Baijings in brief

  • Founded in 2000 by Stefan Scholten (1972) and Carole Baijings (1973), Dutch born and based in Amsterdam
  • Hold a unique niche in the world of Dutch product design
  • Known for their fine balance between design and functionality
  • Work for companies and institutions around the world from Cooper-Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum to HAY
  • Received several nominations and design awards from Dutch Design Awards to Wallpaper Design Awards