Meldorfer Holzverarbeitungs GmbH is closing by the end of 2009


After three weeks of negotiation about the future, the final decision has been made to shut down the production and close the factory by the end of 2009.

The closure, of one of the three German VELUX factories, Meldorfer Holzverarbeitungs GmbH, will have direct consequences for the 100 employees working at the factory. There will be no redundancies of full-time MHG employees before the end of 2009.

Meldorfer Holzverarbeitungs GmbHdirector Bernd Kühl has the following comments on the closure:

- "The European market is experiencing an unfortunate fall in demand for products made at MHG. We are experiencing a fall in demand on key markets and this has a negative impact on our sales and business. We have to react to these changes in market conditions."

The negotiations with employee and unions representatives from IGM at MHG have resulted in an overall package that will alleviate the consequences of the forthcoming redundancies. On 30 March, the result of the negotiation was finally approved by the employees through a vote at MHG.

- "Now we must do what we can for the employees affected by this difficult situation. The package will ensure that affected employees are offered help with out-placement, further training, job applications and other forms of support to help our skilled and dedicated employees find new employment," says Bernd Kühl.