Make the home a nest for autumn

The new VELUX Roman blinds collection is perfect for cosy redecorating


At the turn of the season, it is not only the weather that changes, so do our habits. In autumn, we take life back indoors and set a cosy and calm atmosphere with candles, soft textiles and decorative objects. With their highly sculptural and rich design, VELUX Roman blinds for roof windows are perfect for autumn redecorating. The blinds wrap each room in generous amounts of textile, using natural colours, texture and softness to transform the home into an attractive private nest.

Fashion and interior design are subject to many of the same trends and increasingly influenced by each other in terms of materials and shapes. Some of the strongest influences today are “cocooning” and “nesting”, which draw on the same references and link to colder times with their preference for wrap effects, texture, volume, knit and luxurious materials.

Yet neither cocooning nor nesting is directly associated with autumn. The trends refer rather to the idea of staying in and decorating the perfect home, which will render you a peaceful private space in a hectic everyday life and, as such, go hand in hand with the VELUX Roman blinds collection. Essential to the Roman blinds design is the introduction of soft fabrics for roof windows, which add a new sense of emotion and aesthetics to the blinds design and make it homely, yet sophisticated and modern in style.

New design in natural colours selected by Trend Union
The Roman blinds is a new category in the VELUX portfolio of blinds for roof windows, and one to be warmly welcomed by all fans of home decoration for its highly decorative qualities, soft colours and natural look. With the Roman blinds, the VELUX Group presents a blind that is not only functional, but also a decorative home accessory. The extra volume of the soft blinds allows you to sculpt them according to personal taste and interior style, and place them anywhere you like it in the window − top, bottom or middle. For bright autumn days, the Roman blinds are ideal for softening the sun in the living room with draped effect to match the elegant, yet comfortable sofas and cosy cushions, while the bedroom remains balanced and calm with blinds to blackout the light.

The Roman blinds collection is set in twenty colours, handpicked by Europe’s leading trend agency, Trend Union. The colour theme is natural and soft, ranging from beige to brown and black, and supports the idea of the home as a well-balanced retreat furnished with nature’s own materials from marble to stone, wood and ceramics.

Our main inspiration for the VELUX Roman blinds collection comes from the feeling of being calm, comfortable and safe in our homes using softer colour ranges and textures,
Gert van de Keuken, Creative Director at Trend Union, explains.

Make your own nest with just a click
The arrival of the VELUX Roman blinds collection heralds not only a new product category and colour theme, it also introduces an ultra-dynamic blinds design that is specially made for redecorating and creating an authentic nesting feeling.

Implementing VELUX Roman blinds is easy, as each fabric in the collection is sold separately and can be installed in just a click, thanks to an easy-to-change system. This allows you to switch from one design to another and change the look of the room in no time. From autumn’s earthy and woody look to winter’s sculptural black and white interior.


About the VELUX Group

About the VELUX Group

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