Invite your favourite Disney characters into your home with the Disney & VELUX Dream Collection


Now, parents can invite their children's favourite Disney characters into their homes to brighten up children's rooms and stir their imaginations. The VELUX Group and Disney have teamed up to create the Disney & VELUX Dream Collection™ – an assortment of blinds designed especially for roof windows. Featuring some of the most beloved Disney characters, the collection makes it easy to create an enchanting environment for little ones that is at once soothing and exciting.

The VELUX Group, the world's largest producer of roof windows and accessories, is collaborating with Disney to create a new series of blinds for children's rooms. Children can now welcome Winnie the Pooh, Bambi, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Planes or Disney Princess characters into their bedrooms and become part of their favourite Disney universe in a setting that lets imaginations roam. With 12 unique designs created especially for the Disney & VELUX Dream Collection, the new array of high quality blinds offers thrilling possibilities for room design.

A place for fantasy and rest
Used for both sleep and play, children's rooms typically serve a dual purpose, making it necessary to create an adaptable environment that can both stimulate and relax. This consideration was very important in creating the new collection and guided the decisions throughout the development. Kent Holm, Global Director of Decoration and Sun Screening Products at VELUX Group, explains:

"It is important to both Disney and us that the environment we create for future generations is both safe and creative. Combining the VELUX roof window and blind's expertise with Disney's magical universe enables us to shape spaces that offer room for both play and sleep – two of the most important activities for our children."

Creating an environment for children that is at once tranquil and stimulating can be a challenge. There is, after all, a big difference between rest and play. Together VELUX Group and Disney can strike the ideal balance. The blinds in the Disney & VELUX Dream Collection are all 100% blackout, giving parents and caretakers control over the amount of light allowed into a child's room during waking and sleeping hours. Furthermore, the designs have been selected with diverse preferences in mind, offering options for those who enjoy bold colour as well as those who prefer more subtle decorating choices. Finally, with their favourite characters watching over them, children are generally more inclined to want to spend time in their rooms – whether Dusty Crophopper or Minnie Mouse are inspiring their playtime or gently lulling them to sleep.

In selecting characters to feature in the new collection, the two companies were careful to ensure that the images not only inspired imaginations, but also embodied positive qualities such as friendliness, curiosity and compassion in order to positively impact children's creativity during both play and sleep. Dan Dossa, Deputy Head of Retail, The Walt Disney Company Nordic, comments:

"The Disney & VELUX Dream Collection features some of our most beloved characters – characters that help create an atmosphere of discovery and wonder. They have been chosen because they all capture the hearts of audiences both young and old, and have the power to bring whole families together. This is what the Disney & VELUX Dream Collection is all about."

The Disney & VELUX Dream Collection
The emphasis on exceptional quality has been fundamental throughout the VELUX Group and Disney's collaboration. Kent Holm, explains:

"From the very onset of this project, the VELUX Group and Disney were very clear about what we were striving for. We wanted to develop the highest quality blinds possible, and at the same time create a universe that connected with people and in particular with children. When the collaboration with Disney became an option, we quickly realised that we could combine the best of both our brands to develop an ideal solution for families. With our technical knowledge of high quality blinds production and Disney's spectacular universe, we feel that this project is indeed a great match, in terms of both reaching a new audience and creating a fantastic universe for children to enjoy. We believe this to be the answer our customers have been waiting for."

VELUX blinds are produced to meet the highest industry standards, in terms of not only quality but also when it comes to health and safety. All new designs live up to stringent OEKO-TEX® standards, ensuring that the components used for blinds contain no harmful substances or chemical products that can harm the body. With children in particular, it is essential to ensure that no dangerous elements enter their living space.

The Disney & VELUX Dream Collection comprises six Disney characters – Winnie the Pooh, Bambi, Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Planes and Disney Princess – each represented by two distinct design options: one that is bright and vivid and the other offering a more subtle experience. The 100% blackout blinds ensure excellent control over the amount of light allowed into children's rooms during playtime and sleep time. Each blind is tailored specifically to the size and shape of the window.

All Disney & VELUX Dream Collection blinds feature VELUX Pick&Click!™ technology, allowing for easy installation. Switching out the blinds for new Disney-themed or other VELUX blinds is equally straightforward.