International Conference Discuss Solutions for Better Thermal Comfort and Indoor Climate in [Nearly] Zero-Energy Buildings

On 10 - 11 October 160 experts from 28 countries set out to discuss possible solutions to improve thermal comfort and indoor climate in the [nearly] zero-energy residential buildings of today and tomorrow. The venue was the 33rd AIVC Conference and 2nd TightVent Conference in Copenhagen.

In this video Karsten Duer, Director of Standardisation and Product Regulation at the VELUX Group, and Jean-Christophe Visier, Director of Department of Health, Energy and Environment at CSTB (Scientific and Technical Centre for Building, France), explain that it is crucial to find and implement solutions that improve the thermal comfort and indoor climate without compromising the energy efficiency of [nearly] zero-energy buildings.

Ventilative cooling is presented as one of the options. According to Karsten Duer one of the keys lies in improving building regulations and requirements for fresh air in buildings.