“Hey Google, open my window”: VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO launches compatibility with Google Assistant


With winter coming and the days getting shorter we are spending increasingly more time indoors, meaning we need to make our spaces work for us. We still want access to daylight and fresh air via our roof windows, but we want our homes to be warm and cosy, protecting us from the elements.

VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO is a smart window system that helps you create better and healthier living indoors. Cross-checking local weather forecasts, smart indoor sensors monitor the temperature, humidity and COconcentration inside the home and activate a gateway to operate VELUX roof windows, shutters and blinds to improve the indoor climate.

Now it’s even easier to maintain a healthy indoor climate with new compatibility with Google Assistant. This means you can control your electric or solar-powered VELUX window, shutters and blinds, using Google Assistant and the product will be visible in the Google Home app.

VELUX ACTIVE is committed to improving the user experience of all of our products and, given the rise of voice control in the home, it was only natural to introduce compatibility with Google Assistant. We’re pleased to launch this new capability now for extra convenience and comfort in your home this winter. Integrate VELUX ACTIVE with your Google Home app, and let Google Assistant assist you in handling your indoor air quality and comfort,”
says Martin Pors Jepsen, Vice President, Global Product Management.

VELUX ACTIVE brings together a smartphone app, an indoor climate sensor, a departure switch and an internet gateway run by advanced algorithms that can control the fully-automated operation of roof windows, blinds, awnings and shutters. The algorithm can also be set to run on pre-defined timings, for example if you do not want your system to operate during specific timings, such as when you are asleep or on vacation.

Knowing that most of us spend 90% of our time indoors, maximising our comfort in our homes should be a priority. We also know that it’s very important for our health to let fresh air into the home and keep it ventilated. For the winter months specifically, being able to customise your indoor climate through voice control is useful for many different reasons:

  • When you’re settled on the sofa, under a blanket and about to put a film on the TV, what could be better than being able to put the blinds on your roof window down without having to get up?
  • When you’ve cooked a meal and want to air the kitchen to get rid of COand any food odours
  • If you’ve had the fire or a scented candle lit and want to ventilate the room
  • Airing your bedroom in the morning or before going to bed

About the VELUX Group

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