Getting rid of the turkey fumes

We roast and we baste, we pickle and we bake. December is a busy month in the kitchen, with Christmas dinner and lunches to prepare. The cooking smells and fumes are difficult to get rid of and can hang around for days. Here are five useful tips for good ventilation and fresh air in the festive season.

Whilst you're cooking:
1. Make sure the filter in the cooking hood is clean. If it is clogged with fat, the hood cannot suck air through it efficiently and it will be little more than useless. And re-member to switch it on when you are cooking.
2. Close the doors in your home whilst the feast is being prepared to keep as much of the smells and fumes as possible in the kitchen.
3. Open the kitchen window closest to the hood at the same time as switching on the hood. This allows fresh air to enter the room and carry the steam and fumes out through the cooker hood.

When you've finished cooking:
4. Open all the kitchen windows for 15 minutes. This allows stale air to be replaced with fresh without turning the kitchen into a refrigerator. The fresh air will also help lower humidity levels, which always rise when you're cooking. You should do this three times in the course of the day.
5. If you have a roof window in or close to the kitchen, the so-called chimney effect will give you the best airing out: open the vertical windows in the kitchen and the roof window at the same time. As hot air rises, you will quickly flood your home with fresh air and get rid of the cooking smells through the roof.

Source: VELUX Knowledge Centre for daylight, energy and indoor climate.Press material at VELUX Media Centre
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