Four beacons of business will make energy modernisation easy for home owners


Grundfos, Danfoss, the VELUX Group and Rockwool have joined forces in the project BetterHome to promote the energy modernisation and optimisation of small detached houses. Danish home owners should find saving energy and raising comfort levels at home a simple and achievable project. With the inherent strength of the quality products from four strong companies, combined with government growth initiatives, installers, energy companies and investors, BetterHome is a powerful kick-start to energy modernisation of homes throughout Denmark – and, in the long term, other countries as well.

There is political demand for more energy companies and better quality in Danish homes. It will also trigger greater activity in the building sector. Achieving these political ambitions and bringing about a substantial increase in the quality of the existing building stock will take considerable will, focus and effort here and now.

"BetterHomes brings four of Denmark's most renowned manufacturers of energy-saving quality products together with new possibilities for home owners. We believe the time has come for action and concrete solutions that are easily achievable for the home owner. It should be easier to make the dream of a better home come true," says Kim Christensen, President of Danfoss Heating Solutions.

There are billions of kroner to be saved through better health and lower energy consumption in our homes. And that is precisely the potential that BetterHome was created to tap. Buildings account for the consumption of 40 per cent of all energy in Denmark. And 30 per cent of the building stock has such a poor indoor climate that it could be hazardous to health. Hence our focus on energy modernisation at home.

"Energy modernisation increases the value of the home. That's why we are thinking anew in our work with those who finance the housing dreams of the Danes. We want our homes to be more energy correct and healthier places to live in," says Michael K. Rasmussen, Marketing Director of the VELUX Group.

The objective of BetterHome is to promote energy modernisation with new standards of advice and package solutions, combined with the growth initiative BedreBolig, the various trades in the building sector and, in particular, new-concept financing deals. This will all take place through collaboration with our team of strong players around the country.

"We will put a portfolio of tried and tested total solutions at everyone's disposal – not just home owners but also the energy consultants and builders who will take the challenge from idea to success. We will pool the strength of our sales channels and bring the joint knowledge in our four companies into play," states Thomas Kähler, Managing Director of Rockwool A/S.

BetterHome will form the framework of a partnership model that will inspire other countries. In the long term, it could pave the way for more export, greater energy savings in Europe and higher growth in building.

"BetterHome will stimulate the Danish market for energy modernisation. We will export know-how and Danish quality products for energy optimisation in the home. Together, we have powerful sales channels that we will put to good use. Danish homes must become a showcase," says Søren Ø. Sørensen, Group Director of Grundfos.

About BetterHome:
• Grundfos, Danfoss, the VELUX Group and Rockwool have created BetterHome in order to develop a new and simpler way for Danes to energy modernise their homes. Its Director is Niels Kåre Bruun.

• BetterHome builds on the expertise of the four companies and generates a powerful concept that will appeal initially to Danish home owners.

• The first phase will concentrate on setting up the essential collaboration with existing consultants, builders, financial institutions and energy companies.

• BetterHome will be based in Dansk Energi in order to create synergy with the know-how that has been accumulated through the energy company's major effort in saving energy in both homes and workplaces.

About the Danish building stock:
• Buildings account for 40 per cent of all energy consumption in Denmark.

• 30 per cent of the existing building stock has a sub-standard indoor climate.