First Sod Turned On What Will be the Roof of Copenhagen University's New Green Building


The first sod of Copenhagen University's first climate-friendly building, Green Lighthouse, was turned today at Tagensvej in Copenhagen.

The building will balance the need for energy-efficient building with architectural quality, daylight and a healthy indoor climate.

The Danish Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation, Helge Sander, turned the first sod together with Copenhagen University Dean Ralf Hemmingsen, Technical and Environment Mayor of Copenhagen Klaus Bondam, VELUX Marketing Director Michael Rasmussen and three representatives from the building consortium behind Green Lighthouse: Michael Christensen of CCO arkitekter, Klaus Peitersen of Hellerup Byg and Bente Andersen of COWI.

Before Helge Sander picked up the spade and set the project in motion, he said:
"This spade will move the first earth in the belief that new-thinking, public-private joint ventures and the will to find energy and climate-friendly solutions will see the realisation with the Green Light House concept.

Inspiration to the building sector
And it was precisely the energy and climate-friendly solutions for the university of the future that were the pivotal issues for the minister.

"Naturally, there are some innovation costs when you are striving for the objective of creating CO2-neutral low-energy buildings for the universities. It is, therefore, our hope that sustainable building, combined with beautiful architecture and a good indoor climate, will inspire others to contribute to the building sector's knowledge bank," he said.

The climate building will house Natural Sciences
Green Lighthouse will house, among other things, a Faculty Lounge, meeting facilities and Student Services for the Faculty of Natural Sciences. This places great demands on functionality as well as the climate-friendly aspect. The building will provide inspiration at a time when the city and university are in the spotlight of the UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen.

"Green Lighthouse is part of our 'green' campaign at Copenhagen University. It is visionary building that combines sustainability with an aesthetic and functional framework that makes it user-friendly for the students, staff and visitors. With the first turf now turned, we can start the building process itself – and we can't wait for the day when it is ready for occupation," says Ralf Hemmingsen, Dean of Copenhagen University.

Behind the Green Lighthouse project, there is a steering committee consisting of the University itself, the University and Property Agency, VELUX, VELFAC and the City of Copenhagen.