D/A Magazine nominated for two awards


The Daylight/Architecture Magazine, published by the VELUX Group, is nominated for the European Best of Corporate Publishing Award 2015 and for the Swedish Golden Egg 2015. 

Since its first publication in 2005, Daylight/Architecture (D/A) Magazine has been acknowledged as an inspirational source of knowledge by architects and building professionals around the world.

This year, the 10-year-old magazine is once again recognised for its editorial line, visual quality and design with nominations for international publishing awards.

Our vision for Daylight/Architecture Magazine is to encourage practicing architects and researchers to explore and work with daylight as one of the most fundamental parameters of architecture. That is why the magazine brings up topics ranging from macro trends of a world of rapid urbanisation to topics much closer to the individual, like the health and well-being of people living and working inside buildings - for instance, how the indoor climate in schools affects the learning capabilities of our children. As manufacturers of roof windows and skylights, we see our daily business as being closely linked to building design and how buildings can improve people’s lives and protect the resources of the planet,
D/A publisher and SVP of Brand, Michael K. Rasmussen says.

Acknowledged for editorial courage and design quality

Each issue explores different aspects of light and architecture through essays on light, scientific articles, features of built projects, interviews, cartoons and photo reportage.

Common to all content of the magazine is the link to the publisher’s brand of bringing light to life.

During its 10 years of existence, Daylight/Architecture Magazine has won several international awards, including gold in the German “Architects' Darling® Jury Awards 2013”, gold in the Swedish award Guldbladet in 2012, and gold in “Best of Corporate Publishing Award 2010”:

“A window magazine without windows,” said the jury when the D/A magazine won 1st prize in the European Best of Corporate Publishing Award in 2010, and went on to underline how “the magazine brings daylight into the complex world of architecture through sensitive and inspiring themes, while at the same time bringing forward the brand in a brilliant way.”

Healthy buildings is the main focus in 2015

In 2015, the two issues of D/A will focus on the theme of healthy buildings. In the first issue, published in May, the magazine will feature the recent European healthy home barometer survey to spark discussions on what makes healthy lives in healthy buildings. The contributors to the forthcoming May issue include Professor Koen Steemers, University of Cambridge, who explores the interaction of buildings and human beings to create healthy buildings; and Professor Vivian Loftness, Carnegie Mellon University, who takes a close look at how healthy buildings pay off to the individual as well as to society.

The winners of the Golden Egg will be announced at the end of April, while the winners of the Best Corporate Publishing Award will be announced mid-June.

Today the Daylight/Architecture Magazine is published in 30 countries and has a print run of 40,000 copies.

The magazine is produced by the VELUX Group in collaboration with editorial and conceptual advisor Torben Thyregod, photo editor Torben Eskerod, editor Jakob Schoof, and graphical designers Per Carlsson and Björn Kusoffsky of Stockholm Designlab.


Facts about D/A Magazine nominations and prizes

2007: Silver in Best of Corporate Publishing in Crafts/Construction/Architecture category

2010: Gold in Best of Corporate Publishing in Crafts/Construction/Architecture category

2010: Nominated in Danish Design Award for visual design

2011: Nominated in Swedish Guldbladet for best design

2012: Winner of Swedish Guldbladet for best design

2012: Silver in Best of Corporate Publishing in Crafts/Construction/Architecture category

2013: Winner of “Architects' Darling® Jury Awards 2013 for best architecture magazine.


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The VELUX Group is committed to tackling the challenges of climate change, limited resources and the basic need for human health and well-being inside buildings. We pursue this commitment in D/A Magazine, taking our inspiration from the company founder’s vision to bring fresh air and daylight to people through the roof, and from present-day activities to develop sustainable architecture for people and planet, 
Michael K. Rasmussen says.