Climate Renovation Demands Daylight

Daylight is a key to a better living. These are some of the main observations made of test families having lived in an entirely climate renovated house and a sustainable new build, the LichtAktiv Haus in Germany and the CarbonLight Homes in the UK. Focused on energy, indoor climate and environment the houses have been renovated and built in accordance with the Active House principles. Data shows that when we implement these building principles we also increase the families' well-being, making them more energised, healthy and productive. The data has been generated by the renowned professor in sociology from the Humboldt University, Prof. em. Dr. Dr. h.c. Bernd Wegener. As part of a European study he and his research team have observed behavioral effects from living in sustainably renovated houses and in sustainable new builds. Each test family tells about their experiences with living in houses renovated based on the Active House principles.

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