Bringing Daylight into Dark rooms without Windows

The VELUX Group is capable of bringing daylight into dark rooms where it's not possible to have facade windows or roof windows. The solution is a Sun Tunnel that brings about 98% of the daylight into for example a bathroom, a corridor or a walk-in closet. This film tells the story of a family whose life changed as a direct consequence to the large amount of daylight that they now have in the long corridor after having Sun Tunnels installed. The family father tells about the fact that the children feel better and now like to play in the corridor. The architect from VELUX Danmark tells about the advantages of having Sun Tunnels in dark rooms, and the European Product Manager of Sun Tunnels guides us through the installation of the Sun Tunnel and tells us about his fascination of seeing how much daylight a Sun Tunnel can bring into a room. Material includes an edited version with and without subtitles and a B-roll.