A/S Gelsted Bygningsindustri to Close


After three weeks of negotiations about the future of A/S Gelsted Bygningsindustri, the management has decided to close the factory in the course of 2009.

It has not been possible to find a solution for continued economically viable production at the factory in Gelsted. The closing will have direct consequences for the 230 or so employees who currently work at the factory. However, no full-time employees will lose their jobs in 2008.

VELUX Group Director David P. Meyer makes the following comments on the closing:

"It is a very regrettable situation. But the current financial stagnation forces us to safeguard our business and competitive ability in the long-term as well as the short-term. We have no option but to make necessary priorities."

"In the Works Committee at Gelsted Bygningsindustri we have discussed proposals from employees aimed at retaining at least some part of production at the company. Unfortunately, they did not provide for the necessary savings that will ensure our continued competitiveness."

The Works Committee at Gelsted Bygningsindustri has agreed upon an overall package that will alleviate the consequences of the forthcoming redundancies. It will ensure that affected employees are given help with further training, job applications and other forms of support.

"We are now at the stage where we have to do what we can to help those employees affected through this difficult situation. We will offer them additional training, help with job applications and other forms of financial support. We have also contacted our business associates in a move to help our skilled people find alternative employment and hope, despite the current financial situation, that we will succeed," says David Meyer.

Around 50 employees will be offered employment in other parts of the VELUX Group during the coming months.

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