Are your windows dressed for the winter cold?

Most of us have dug out our winter coats and mittens to keep us warm in the cold months to come. But not many of us spare a thought for the fact that we can save energy by cladding our windows for the cold season in winter clothes.

It is a perfectly natural reflex: when we have to go out into the cold, we put on a warm coat to keep warm. If we are cold indoors, we probably put on an extra jersey but maybe we also turn the heating up a bit. On a bitter evening, when the cold is biting outside, our homes can seem a little chilly and it is tempting to reach for the thermostat.

But we actually keep the warmth in better on cold days and evenings by rolling the blinds down. This applies to roof windows in particular – special energy blinds keep the warmth in the room thanks to built-in insulation material.

"It's a really good idea to fit energy blinds on roof windows – because the aluminium be-tween the two layers of pleated materials boosts the insulation. The warm air in a room rises, and if you roll the blinds right down, they help to maintain temperatures, so the room will be more comfortable to spend time in when it's cold outside," says Ghita Borring, Head of VELUX Media Relations.

When rolled completely down, an energy blind provides up to 34% extra insulation on each roof window.

Multi-functional energy blinds

But there is more to an energy blind than saving energy – it also has a good blackout effect and looks good, thanks to the structure of the folds. What is more, it is adjustable – as it is not fixed at top or bottom, it can be moved up and down the window to any position, block-ing out the sun and prying eyes and yet letting in the light.

"When you have an adjustable blind like the energy blind, you can sit and read your news-paper by the window and enjoy the light without being blinded by the sun. You can position the blind to offer screening just where the sun is strongest," says Ghita Borring, Head of VELUX Media Relations.

So, now it is time to prepare for the winter.

Read more about the innovative VELUX energy blind and take a look at the many possibilities and stunning colours at:


The VELUX Group has launched its energy blind in nine different colours. It is a double-pleated blind with an internal coating of aluminium between the layers of material and fitted with a cloth that gives an effective blackout effect. The blind is versatile and can be posi-tioned precisely on the roof window where you want it and can be rolled up and down. The energy blind is easy to click onto the roof window with the patented Pick&Click!® system. It can also be combined with a VELUX insect blind, awning or roller shutter.

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