VELUX to Build Six Experimental CO2-Neutral Houses in Five EU Countries

The VELUX Group has launched the project Model Home 2020 as a vision for climate-neutral buildings with a high level of livability. As part of its strategy to take an active part in developing sustainable building, from 2008 to 2010, VELUX will build six full-scale experimental demo-houses in five European countries. The first house, Home for Life, is a carbon-neutral single-family home with optimum livability. The second experiment, Green Lighthouse, is a faculty building for the University of Copenhagen - it is the first carbon-neutral public building in Denmark. Available video includes views of the first two experimental buildings and an edited packaged with soundbites from Sverre Simonsen, father of the test family in Home for Life, talking about the house and why the family is involved in the project; and Lone Feifer, Strategic Project Manager, VELUX Group, explaining the main idea behind Model Home 2020.