VELUX Group makes progress towards 100% renewable electricity, zero-plastic packaging and historical emission capture

VELUX Group’s 2021 Sustainability Report outlines the progress made at the end of the first year of working to achieve our 2030 sustainability strategy.

The report provides updates on all targets, including progress towards becoming carbon neutral in our own operations, halving CO2e emissions from our value chain and capturing the equivalent of the total carbon footprint of our company’s operations between 1941 and 2041 (historical scope 1 and 2 CO2e emissions). 

After a year of intense work, we now realise the sheer scale of the task ahead of us. With the UN having called the 2020s the Decade of Action, we no longer have time for just talking and planning. We need to see real leadership and a spirit of collaboration to accelerate progress. At VELUX, we have started to take action and can already see the first results but there is still much to do,

says David Briggs, CEO of VELUX Group

First carbon capture forest project underway 
One of the major highlights of 2021 was the start-up of the first carbon capture forest project in Uganda with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). This is part of our commitment to capture the Group’s historical carbon emissions from our operations (scope one and two). The Uganda project aims to capture around one million tonnes of CO2 by restoring and conserving forests in the Albertine Rift in Uganda, a biodiversity hotspot. This is the first of five forest projects that combined will capture the VELUX Group’s historical CO2. All projects are developed and run by WWF. 

100% renewable electricity supply by 2023 
As part of our aim to become carbon neutral, we are working on a global decarbonisation programme with carbon neutral action plans for each of our factory sites. In 2021, we partnered with Schneider Electric to speed up the switch to 100% renewable energy for electricity by 2023 through a renewable Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) contract. This is contributing to our 2030 target of a 100% reduction in the carbon footprint of our own operations. 

Green our packaging 
During 2021, we worked on transitioning to single material, 100% recyclable packaging with zero plastic. To do this, we developed a new packaging material made solely of paper and cardboard to replace the previous material that was a mix of plastic, paper and cardboard. This new material provides the required protection for products and makes it easier for customers to dispose of the packaging in one waste category. It is already being used for main residential windows in Europe and selected products in the US. 

We achieved limited assurance for our 2021 sustainability reporting and are working towards achieving the auditing level of reasonable assurance in the next few years. 

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