VELUX considers closing Meldorfer Holzverarbeitungs GmbH


VELUX announced today that it is considering closing the production in Meldorfer Holzverarbeitungs GmbH and shutting down the factory by the end of 2009.

The products manufactured at the factory can be consolidated at other VELUX factories where there is free capacity.

Such a step would directly affect the 100 or so employees at the factory.

"The current financial stagnation across the globe is also affecting the building industry. VELUX is experiencing a fall in demand on key markets and this has a negative impact on our sales and business. This includes the European market and the demand for products made at Meldorfer Holzverarbeitungs GmbH."

- "It is a regrettable situation, but the current financial stagnation forces us to safeguard our business and competitive ability in the long as well as the short term," says factory manager Bernd Kühl.

A negotiation process with employee representatives and local union representatives has been initialised today and a number of meetings are planned to consider in detail what options are open to Meldorfer Holzverarbeitungs GmbH and the employees.

- "This is a difficult situation but we are not yet in a position to say how many people would be directly affected. We must wait and see how the discussions and negotiations now taking place progress," says Bernd Kühl

"VELUX will support our employees through this unfortunate situation, and we don't expect to see any redundancies of employees in Meldorfer Holzverarbeitungs GmbH before end of 2009," says Bernd Kühl