The VELUX Group enters new Nordic alliance

The VELUX Group has recently become ambassador for a new Nordic alliance, Nordic Built, that will put a sharper focus on sustainable building throughout the Nordic region.

On Wednesday 8 August, the VELUX Group and a number of other Nordic countries signed the Nordic Built Charter, a new alliance that will put an even sharper focus on future sustainable building in the Nordic region.

By signing the Charter, the alliance partners obligate themselves to focusing on the Charter's ten principles of sustainability and taking the necessary steps to devising competitive solutions in sustainable building.

Showing the way
In recent years, the VELUX Group has concentrated single-mindedly on sustainable building. One of the Group's initiatives was the six sustainable buildings that comprise the VELUX Model Home 2020 project, one of which, Green Lighthouse at Copenhagen University, was built in time for the COP 15 Climate Conference in 2009.

"It is a natural step for the VELUX Group to be part of an alliance that puts the focus on sustainable building in the Nordic region. We already have clear climate and sustainability strategies in place, so we would like to show the way forward for others in the Nordic building industries – and we will continue, of course, to concentrate on these issues even more ourselves," says Jesper Salskov Jensen, General Manager of VELUX Danmark A/S and the VELUX Group's ambassador for Nordic Built.

So far, 25 interested parties in the Nordic building sector have signed the Nordic Built Charter – the goal is 200.

Nordic Innovation
The initiative for Nordic Built comes from Nordic Innovation, an organisation under the aegis of the Nordic Council of Ministers. Its objective is to pool the resources of the Nordic building sector and thereby accelerate development of Nordic sustainable building concepts. The Charter seeks to offer attractive and effective forums for collaboration in the Nordic building sector and to implement projects that demonstrate scalable solutions of an extremely high standard.

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