The Sustainable home of the future: excellent indoor climate – even in summer


The home of the future, with an excellent indoor climate and unique daylight influx and energy consumption that meets the demands of 2020 is already possible today.

?The latest measurements from Home for Life, an experimental demo house near Århus in northern Jutland prove it.
Most people would regard the idea of a comfortable and healthy indoor climate, 40% window area that provides a superb view, a unique light influx that is also comfortable in summer, as futuristic day-dreaming if you also want a sustainable home with minimum energy consumption. But it can be done − here and now.
The proof lies in the latest measurements from Home for Life, an experimental house built in Lystrup near Århus by VELUX and VELFAC, in collaboration with aart arkitekter and Esbensen Consulting Engineers.

Excellent indoor climate
Measurements show that the natural ventilation, sunscreening and the large window area of 40% of the floor area (compared to the normal 20-25%) all contribute to an excellent indoor climate. The influx of light is extraordinary, coming from all directions, and the automatic sunscreening and natural ventilation ensure that there is always fresh air and a comfortable indoor temperature, even on hot summer days.
"The new measurements show that we can already meet the legislation of 2020 energy consumption requirements. It is also possible to ensure a good indoor climate all year round in the same sustainable house. They show that natural ventilation is a prerequisite for being able to maintain a good thermal indoor climate in the summer and avoid overheating, even in a house that has daylight entering from all directions," says Project Director Lone Feifer of VELUX Group.

The measurements show that the kitchen-dining area, the family's natural gathering point, in particular attains Category I status for thermal comfort in terms of overheating; that is the best of four classes (I, II, III, IV) in the European standard EN 15251 for indoor climate. And because there is automatic ventilation through the facade and roof windows, the indoor climate is excellent, even in the hot summer months.
The family who owns the house look on the good indoor climate as a great bonus for their sustainable home and perceive the sunscreening system almost as an extension of their own central nervous system.
"It took some time to get used to the sunscreening coming down on its own and the roof windows opening and shutting of their own accord, but we are delighted with it and look upon the house as our 'gadget'. In fact, the sunscreening works so well that it almost feels as if it is coupled to our nervous system. As soon as we start squinting and think the sun is getting a bit too glaring, it starts moving the blinds for us," says owner of Home for Life Kurt Kristensen.

Focus on renewable energy
Home for Life focuses on renewable energy and was designed and built as a carbon-neutral house. Cal-culated by building regulation requirements, the house produces more energy that it uses, so figures for the second year of operation are -25 kWh/m2/yr. The house thus meets the Building Regulations for 2020.
Home for Life is the first of six experimental demo building in the VELUX project Model Home 2020. All six are now completed. Read more about each building and the Active House principles on which they are based at and
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Home for Life in Lystrup, north of Århus, has an excellent indoor climate, an extraordinary light influx and a minimal energy level.