The scent of spring in your home


The winter is over and the sunny spring has arrived. If the fresh fragrance of spring air is to make its way into your home, airing out must become an everyday ritual. All it takes to bring spring indoors and to have a healthier indoor climate is 5-10 minutes effective airing 3 or 4 times a day. This can all be done automatically with programmable VELUX INTEGRA® roof windows.

After the wet and variable weather of winter, with precious few chances of a glimpse of the sun, the Danish Meteorological Institute is heralding a mild spring. That makes it more inviting to open your windows to let in air. However, airing out several times a day to refresh your home is recommended all year round.

Our health is affected by how much fresh air we let into our homes. The warm, stale air indoors can cause headaches, tiredness and lack of energy. As we spend an average of 80-90% of our time indoors, a healthier climate must be given high priority. Much can be achieved by causing short bursts of draught in your home to replace the stale air,
Kent Holm, Vice President, Global Product Management, VELUX Group says.

By now, it is a well-known fact that fresh air benefits our general health. But studies show that we still forget to open our windows on a daily basis. Our indoor climate is regulated by all the activities that go on in our homes. When we light candles, cook supper, dry laundry, turn on a radiator and other routine activities, the need to eliminate unhealthy particles and damp increases.

Automatic airing of the home

With spring just around the corner, it is the perfect time to make some changes to domestic routines and make regular airing a natural, an everyday event. In fact, the recommendation is that it should be short and sweet; windows should be opened three or four times a day, but only for five or ten minutes. If you find it difficult to stick to the routine, VELUX INTEGRA® roof windows can do it for you.

With VELUX INTEGRA® roof windows installed, you don’t need to remember to air out – the windows’ integrated programmable control system will do it for you automatically. The roof window is an obvious choice if you want to ensure your home has a healthy indoor climate,
Kent Holm, Vice President, Global Product Management, VELUX Group explains.

A good indoor climate is created by taking a few simple but effective measures. With the automation system VELUX INTEGRA® it is possible to pre-set your roof window to open automatically and let in fresh air the minute you arrive at home after a full day at work and when you e.g. start cooking to avoid damp and unhealthy particles in the air.


The VELUX INTEGRA® roof windows, blinds and shutters are activated by a touch control pad, either automatically or on-demand, providing a solution of greater control over our daily life and living comfort.

With its eight pre-defined programs for managing day-to-day situations it is possible to pre-set the roof window to automatically open and close and thereby let in fresh air or roll down shutters and blinds to avoid overheating and thus ensure an optimum indoor climate.

The "Good morning" and "Good night" programs let in fresh air for 15 minutes, then raise or lower the blinds. Furthermore, when you are away from home for an extended period, the "On vacation" mode makes it look as if you were home by opening and closing blinds and shutters, and turning lights on and off. Thus, the automation system VELUX INTEGRA® provides the home with several opportunities that enhance a healthy living as well as make the everyday life easier.

VELUX INTEGRA® has been awarded a number of prizes for its design, innovation and intelligent control system. In 2014, it won the international IF Product Design Award due to an excellent product design, intuitive operation, intelligent control pad, simplicity and finally, yet importantly, its affordability.

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