Solar-powered robots pack roof windows at new VELUX warehouse in Kolding

The VELUX Group inaugurates today a brand new high-tech warehouse in Kolding, Denmark. Pallet cranes and picker robots will be powered by energy from solar panels to pack roof windows for distribution to customers across the Nordic region. VELUX has invested more than DKK 100 million in the warehouse, which supports the company’s growth ambitions in a sustainable manner.

Cranes and robots will help prepare, pack and send roof windows, roller shutters and other accessories to customers throughout the Nordic region. This will take place in the VELUX Group's first large high-tech warehouse, located in a 24,000 m2 building in Kolding.

Lars Petersson, VELUX Group CEO, looks forward to taking another step towards improving the VELUX customer experience:

Our new highly-automated robot operated warehouse makes it simpler and easier for our customers to do business with us. From the warehouse in Kolding, we can quickly pack and send our roof windows, roller shutters, blinds and other products to our customers in one single delivery, and we use solar energy to power this. The technology at our new warehouse in Kolding will also enable us to test new innovative solutions in the future to make it even easier to be a VELUX customer.

Solar energy powers technology
In 2024, around 80 percent of the power for the automated warehouse will come from an adjacent 6,000 m2 solar park. Electricity generated by solar panels will power robots, cranes and a monorail that will move pallets around the warehouse, with robots then packing windows and other products on top of them. Then the pallets are transported to a truck for onwards delivery to customers.

Sending windows, roller shutters, blinds and accessories in one shipment to customers will also reduce the number of trucks used for distribution, thereby cutting CO2 emissions from transportation.

VELUX has set ambitious 2030 targets to reduce CO2 emissions: emissions from its own operations are to be reduced by 100% and emissions throughout the value chain are to be reduced by 50%.

It is crucial to be ambitious in terms of making efforts for the climate and we have committed to the most ambitious reduction pathway in the Paris Agreement. Our new warehouse in Kolding helps to raise the bar for efficient warehouses with a low carbon footprint,

says CEO Lars Petersson.

More windows to customers
The high-tech warehouse can handle up to 50 percent more goods than a manual warehouse, and the robots are programmed to handle more complex tasks. At the same time, the use of cranes and robots improves ergonomics for warehouse employees.


  • Building prepared from November 2021 to June 2022 to be ready for installation of automation system.
  • System installed from June 2022 to June 2023.
  • First intake of products happened in August 2023.
  • First outbound deliveries to customers occurred in September 2023.
  • Kolding warehouse combines three smaller manual warehouses into one: Previously, spare parts were located in Østbirk, blinds and other accessories in Skjern and roof windows in Kolding.
  • A roof window weighs on average 53 kg.
  • The warehouse contains 12 robots - two 2 picking robots and 10 pallet cranes.
  • A solar park provides 80 percent of the power - to be completed in Q3 of 2024.
  • The high-tech warehouse can handle up to 50 percent more goods than a manual warehouse.
  • VELUX has invested more than DKK 100 million in the highly automated warehouse.

About the VELUX Group
For more than 80 years, the VELUX Group has created better living environments for people around the world; making the most of daylight and fresh air through the roof. Our product programme includes roof windows and modular skylights, decorative blinds, sun screening products and roller shutters, as well as installation and smart home solutions. These products help to ensure a healthy and sustainable indoor climate, for work and learning, for play and pleasure. We work globally – with sales and manufacturing operations in more than 37 countries and around 11,700 employees worldwide. The VELUX Group is owned by VKR Holding A/S, a limited company wholly owned by non-profit, charitable foundations (THE VELUX FOUNDATIONS) and family. In 2022, the VELUX Group had total revenue of EUR 2.99 billion, VKR Holding had total revenue of EUR 4.29 billion, and THE VELUX FOUNDATIONS donated EUR 181 million in charitable grants.

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