Get set for Spring – which spring renovation is right for you?

Spring is a great time to move forward with the home renovations you have been mulling over all winter. Whether you’re looking to improve your property to get more personal enjoyment from your space, or to increase your home’s value for selling, spring is the ideal season for making those renovation dreams a reality.   

Home improvements can be a sensible financial decision as they’re often cheaper than moving to a new home.
explains Athina Bluff, Founder & Senior Designer of Topology Interiors.

However, the type of renovation that is right for you and your family will often depend on your personal needs and desires. If your children are getting older and want separate rooms, or if you are planning for a new baby then a loft conversion could be a great solution. A kitchen extension is a good idea if you’re looking to entertain more or make space for busy family routines. But whatever improvements you are planning, light and air should always be considered. By making small changes and adjustments to your renovation plans to prioritize these elements, you can make a big difference to the look and feel of a space and create new uses of your space.

The best renovation ideas for your needs by Athina Bluff, Founder & Senior Designer, and Amy Brandhorst, Senior Designer, of Topology Interiors. 

If your family is growing…

A loft renovation 

Extending up is a great way to make use of the space in your property. Loft conversions are becoming increasingly popular for those who need an additional room or two, as they are often comparatively cheaper than moving to a new house. To make the most of the loft’s location at the top of the house, I suggest letting in as much light as possible via the roof and painting the walls and ceilings in light colors to open up the room. Roof windows are also great for adding ventilation to a loft room and provide a means for controlling the temperature. 

If you want to entertain more…

An extension 

If you’re thinking about adding an extension to your home, it’s important to consider the function of this space and how best you can maximize it. Often people extend to create extra kitchen or dining space, creating a real hub of the home, where the family can congregate to cook, eat and spend time with one another. By placing a roof window over a kitchen table or work top, you can transform this space, making the surroundings more pleasant for cooking or doing homework. Having the ability to let fresh air in from above is also helpful for removing cooking smells. Sliding doors in to a garden are also great for bringing the outside in and are worth considering. 

If you want to improve your existing space…

A room overhaul 

If your renovation plans are focused on an existing room in your home then designing with light in mind can have a big impact. Think about the direction the room faces and position seating in places where the light is most likely to fall. Consider using lighter colors to brighten up dim areas and place lamps in shadowy corners. Adding another window is always worth considering if logistically possible. If a roof window isn’t an option, VELUX sun tunnels are also a great alternative. 

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