Decorating with daylight in your hallway

Presenting the next generation VELUX Sun Tunnel


Daylight has always been an important factor in the way we interact with design and decoration. We choose light for the ambience it lends to a home, where different rooms need different light settings. Whether the light comes from lamps, candles or daylight, it creates an atmosphere in the home that also affects our mood and the way we experience our surroundings. The new VELUX Sun Tunnel brings the power of daylight to areas that, until now, have been deprived of it - such as hallways and small bathrooms. 

Daylight plays a big part in our daily lives. The natural rhythms of the day play their own part when it comes to defining our vision and how we experience our surroundings. In cloudy weather, the light changes every time a cloud passes over the sun, the setting sun lends depth and warmth, and in the evenings, the ambient glow from the moon often bathes certain areas of the home in its silvery light.

A new sun tube brings not only light but a feeling of nature to rooms and spaces that have previously been devoid of this. With the next generation of the VELUX Sun Tunnel, the VELUX Group is introducing new features that enhances the possibility to bring light to life in unexplored areas of your home.

We have a profound understanding of the importance of daylight and the positive effect it has on the people living, working and playing in their homes. Our new VELUX Sun Tunnel allows us to meet our desire to bring natural light in to our homes, where it was previously not possible,
Lisa Grønsund, responsible for the launch of the new VELUX Sun Tunnel, says.

Lighting up the hallway

The hallway is especially prone to being engulfed in darkness, cramped and lacking daylight, and often seen as solely a room of transit. However, the hallway functions as so much more than this. It is the last thing we see before we leave the house and the first thing we encounter when we enter our home. The hallway is a room that sends us on our way out to conquer the world - and welcomes us back home with the warm embrace of familiarity and comfort.

By bringing the natural cycle of the day into all the rooms of the house, including the hallway, the VELUX Sun Tunnel helps create an energising atmosphere. With one of its new features such as Edge Glow, which gives a unique and integrated light effect, the sun tube gives a more natural and dynamic light than a lamp.

Decorating with natural light

It is important to decorate hallways so they appear inviting to yourself, and your friends and family when you welcome them into your home. So why not create a space with embracing and great surroundings with plenty of light? Daylight in particular has the ability to open up a room and make it appear more inviting and hospitable.

More light and airiness allows you to create the exact setting that you wish. Whether it be a quiet place of tranquillity and Zen, with Asian-influenced design, or a space of energy and invigoration with colourful walls and vibrant decor. This will not only determine how you feel when you leave home it will also decide the reception you can look forward to when returning.

Natural light sets an atmosphere that is not equally possible with standard electric lighting. This is also one of the key factors behind the VELUX Sun Tunnel’s continued success and growth.

Daylight is something that is highly valued, as well as being that intangible element that you don’t really think about when it is there - but that you miss when it is not there.
Lisa Grønsund, responsible for the launch of the new VELUX Sun Tunnel, says.

Lisa Grønsund believes it will generate excitement in many households - and especially among urban and design-savvy consumers.

The VELUX Sun Tunnel 2.0

The next generation VELUX Sun Tunnel creates a more natural indoor environment with dynamic lighting than a standard electric lamp due to a new feature, Edge Glow, which is a new ring of clear glass around the edge of the ceiling diffuser that simultaneously spreads the light better in the room and creates a unique light.


Natural and organic light makes you feel both revitalised and better connected to the outside world. You can witness a dynamic change in the light in the course of a single day – and throughout the year, with the changing of the seasons. Design does not get more unique than this. The VELUX Sun Tunnel lets you invite nature inside,
Lisa Grønsund, responsible for the launch of the new VELUX Sun Tunnel, concludes.

A new flexible locking system reduces tunnel assembly significantly. The sun tube can be installed in any part of the house with a maximum distance of 6 metres to the roof. As something entirely new, it is possible to install the light tube from the outside if it is hard for you to access your attic or loft.

More information is available here.