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Copenhagen has been named as World Capital of Architecture 2023, under the headline of Copenhagen in Common.

As a partner project for 2023, the first prototype of Living Places will be built in a partnership between EFFEKT architects, MOE Engineers, Enemaerke & Petersen contractors and the VELUX Group.

The prototype is planned in central Copenhagen at ‘Jernbanebyen’, a former railroad workshop area. Living Places Copenhagen will be the first practical example and showcase of the Build for Life concept, illustrating how the concept can be brought to life and provide inspiration and momentum for the development and construction of future living space solutions. 

Living Places CPH will showcase that we do not have to wait for future technology to move the built environment into a more responsible and regenerative position– a position where the industry is part of the transition to reverse climate change. We demonstrate 1:1 solutions that lower carbon emissions and provide healthy homes and communities for future residents,
says Sinus Lynge, Partner in EFFEKT architects.
The ambitious project will result in scalable solutions that can set the standard for a new generation of sustainable homes. We design the houses and choose materials based on the objectives of the Paris agreement to achieve a substantial CO2-reduction. However, the most important aspect of Living Places Copenhagen is that we maintain a holistic vision. We strive to build houses that focus intently on both physical and mental health as well as the general comfort of the users,
says Steffen Maagaard, MOE Engineers.
We are very happy to be a part of this partnership which will create homes that live up to the standards of the future. We think it is a great opportunity for us as a company to contribute to such an ambitious project - including all the opportunities to learn along the way,
says Henrik Mielke, CEO, Enemaerke & Petersen contractors.
This is our contribution to a strong commitment for better buildings, communities and cities for both people and planet. By combining design drivers and building principles, we can shape and transform homes and communities that are good for the climate but also you and me, and we will be able to build more affordably,
says Lone Feifer, Director of Sustainable Buildings, the VELUX Group.

By designing a built environment focused on meeting our emotional needs and enabling a strong sense of place, we could pioneer a new concept of "home", one that does not simply refer to a physical location, but also considers local context and the life that it empowers people to live. Living Places Copenhagen is ideated, designed and developed in a partnership between EFFEKT architects, MOE Engineers, Enemaerke & Petersen contractors and the VELUX Group.

The Living Places prototype demonstrates the advantages of a sloped roof, both internally and externally. A sloped roof provides more sunlight and better light reflection externally while providing interior daylight from above. Such a design uses the stack effect and attractive volumes and connections throughout the building and is scalable to different typologies of buildings as wooden prefabricated modular building systems.

Launched at the Build for Life conference, 15-17 November

The prototype design was launched at the global Build for Life conference, bringing together architects, builders, engineers, designers, planners, and other industry professionals. More than 90 experts from around the world presented from the two main stages in Copenhagen, Denmark, and from stages in North America and China during the conference.

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About the VELUX Group

For the past 80 years, the VELUX Group has created better living environments for people around the world; making the most of daylight and fresh air through the roof. Our product programme includes roof windows and modular skylights, decorative blinds, sunscreening products and roller shutters, as well as installation and smart home solutions. These products help to ensure a healthy indoor climate, for work and learning, for play and pleasure. We work globally – with sales and manufacturing operations in more than 40 countries and around 11,500 employees worldwide. The VELUX Group is owned by VKR Holding A/S, a limited company wholly owned by non-profit, charitable foundations (THE VELUX FOUNDATIONS) and family. In 2020, VKR Holding had total revenue of DKK 22.6 billion and THE VELUX FOUNDATIONS donated EUR 142 million in charitable grants.

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EFFEKT is a design and research studio based in Copenhagen. Combining a design thinking and systemic design approach with human-scale design sensitivity and a focus on end-user experience, EFFEKT’s concepts and designs are heavily influenced by the underlying values of the Scandinavian societal model and culture. Rooted in urban planning, landscape and architectural design EFFEKT provides solutions and consulting services within the built environment, urban metabolism and ecosystem services – working holistically across energy and material flows in cities to plan for a more regenerative future. EFFEKT employs 60 people and has active projects in most of Europe, North America, and the Middle East. Projects range in size from urban plans to landscapes, public space, buildings and objects. Most notable projects include the Forest Tower, new co-living concepts for IKEA and Home. Earth transformation of congested housing areas Gellerup and Rosenhøj and multiple informal street sports facilities for international NGO, GAME. In recent years, EFFEKT's work has received international recognition and awards including Building of the Year, The IOC IAKS Gold Medal and multiple shortlistings for the Mies van der Rohe Award.

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About MOE Engineers

MOE is one of Denmark’s largest multidisciplinary consulting engineering companies with more than 900 employees spread across offices in Denmark and subsidiaries in Norway and the Philippines.

MOE is part of Artelia Group, an international multidisciplinary consultancy, engineering and project management group specialising in the sectors of building construction, infrastructure, water, industry and energy. With 6,100 employees and a turnover of €632m in 2018.

Artelia Group has offices in more than 30 countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas and is 100% owned by its managers and employees.

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About Enemaerke & Petersen A/S

Enemaerke & Petersen is a Danish construction company specialising in refurbishing and new construction. Enemaerke & Petersen is one of the drivers of the sustainability agenda in the Danish construction industry, focusing on public housing, schools, daycare facilities, office buildings and new construction of housing. The company has 800 employees and had a revenue of 2.2 billion DKR in 2020.

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