Daylight & Architecture wins international award

Daylight & Architecture Magazine, published by The VELUX Group was awarded gold in BCP Awards 2010, "best of corporate publishing" in the category craftsmanship, building and architecture.

The Daylight & Architecture magazine was presented with an award as "best of corporate publishing" in the category craftsmanship, building and architecture.

The jury chose D&A as Gold award winner and said:

- A window magazine without windows. Daylight & Architecture brings daylight into the complex world of architecture through sensitive and inspiring themes and at the same time the magazine brings forward the brand in a brilliant way. The cutting-edge graphical concept was also an important brick on the way to the jury's decision of the gold award winner.

The BCP award received 650 publications in 34 categories.

A platform for dialogue about daylight in architecture
VELUX founder, Villum Kann Rasmussen invented the roof window in 1942. He named his company by the short name of VELUX. VE for Ventilation, and the Latin word for light, LUX. Since then, the importance of daylight to architecture and people's quality of life has been a cornerstone in the VELUX Group. We see our business as closely linked to building design, with the overall objective of focussing on daylight and fresh air as providers of better living conditions in people's everyday lives.

This objective is also the platform from which we present our magazine, "Daylight & Archi-tecture". In the magazine we strive to raise topics and present views and angles about the past, present and future of architecture with daylight and fresh air.

The aim of the magazine is to provide a platform for dialogue between professionals and thereby inspire and facilitate the discourse on architecture, especially daylight.

Daylight & Architecture magazine was published for the first time in 2005. Since then we have published 13 issues in 40-50.000 copies to architects and specifiers in 25 countries.

very issue is developed by a VELUX project group in collaboration with editor, Jakob Schoof from Institut für Internationale Arkitektur-Dokumentation, Photo editor and artist, Torben Eskerod, and creative director Bjørn Kusoffsky and graphic designer Per Carlsson from Stockholm Design Lab. The magazine is printed at GZD, DESIGNPRESS GMBH in Ditz-ingen.

About BCP Award
received 650 publications in 34 categories, and that makes it the biggest cor-porate publishing award. The award has been presented every year since 2003. Further info at